Back to the Future actor Michael J. Fox revealed that his mother, Phyllis Fox, passed away a few weeks ago on September 24 at the age of 92.

Michael, 61, made a rare public appearance at the weekend’s 2022 New York Comic Con and shared the upsetting news there.

“She was in Canada when I called her at age 23 and told her, ‘They want me to do this Steven Spielberg movie, but I have to do Family Ties in the afternoon,’ ” the actor said with a smile. ” You’ll be too worn out,” she shot back.

He continued, “Up until two weeks ago, my mother was still of the opinion that doing Back to the Future was a bad idea. She seemed to enjoy the movie, but she was right that I got tired.”

Michael himself has battled Parkinson’s disease ever since his age-29 diagnosis, therefore Phyllis was determined to raise awareness of such illnesses.

Michael has committed his life to the search for a cure ever since learning of his disease. He worked with AARP to create an impactful video that he posted earlier this year on Instagram.

When he ran across Christopher Lloyd once again at Comic Con, he admitted it.

He says in the video: “In 2018, I had a significant issue. I was reflecting while seated on the ground. Well, this is just disgusting; this crappy optimism is disgusting. After I recovered, I understood that optimism is tolerable if you can find something to be grateful for.”

He indicated in the video that his mother worked in payroll and that his father was a police dispatcher. “They knew how to help me despite the fact that they were simply regular people with a strange son who was born and accomplished all this performing and music.”

The famous person is devoted to curing Parkinson’s illness.

In the video, he continued, “All we want is a cure for Parkinson’s. 15 years ago, I couldn’t have sat here for this long.”

Since quitting acting at the age of 29, the famous person has raised more than $1 billion for Parkinson’s disease research through his foundation, The Michael J. Fox foundation.