Mia Farrow has spoken up for the first time about the deaths of her three children, Tam, Lark, and Thaddeus.

The 76-year-old actress addressed the “vicious rumors” that have been floating recently about their deaths in a lengthy statement posted on Twitter on Wednesday.

“I am the mother of fourteen children, and my family is everything to me,” Farrow began. “Despite the fact that I picked a profession that required me to deal with the general public, the vast majority of my offspring have opted to live pretty isolated lifestyles.”

Farrow added that she is “selective” about what she puts on social media in order to respect people’s wishes to stay anonymous. However, in light of “vicious rumors based on untruths” about her three late adopted children that she claims have “emerged online,” she decided to step out and clear the air about the matter.

“My cherished daughter Tam died at the age of 17 from an accidental prescription overdose related to the horrible migraines she had, as well as her heart issue,” Farrow said.

Before her death in 2008, Farrow described Lark as a “wonderful woman,” describing her as a beautiful daughter and sister.

“She died at the age of 35 from the repercussions of HIV/AIDS, which she obtained from a former partner,” she discovered. “In spite of her sickness, she lived a happy life filled with love and happiness with her children and her long-term boyfriend. She was unable to fight her illness any longer and died unexpectedly on Christmas Day in the hospital while her partner was cuddling her.”

Farrow then revealed that her “brave” son, Thaddeus, had committed suicide at the age of 29 after an abrupt breakdown in a relationship in which he was involved.

The fact that Tam, Lark, and Thaddeus were not mentioned in the most recent episode of the HBO documentary series Allen v. Farrow has sparked numerous internet rumors and suspicions about their fate. Some of Farrow’s critics cited a 2018 blog post by her estranged son Moses that was disparaging of her and other family members.

In a statement made on Wednesday, Farrow noted that these are “unspeakable tragedies.” Any additional conjecture about their deaths would be detrimental to their lives and the lives of their children and other loved ones.

The Rosemary’s Baby actress ended her statement by expressing her “thanks” for the opportunity to raise 14 children and 16 grandkids.

She stated that, while they had endured sadness in the past, their lives were now “full of love and joy.” “Everyone has their own set of challenges to tackle and struggles to conquer. I’m thinking about you with the best of intentions and all of my love.”