Melanie Lynskey is open about her past body issues and how she came to love and respect her flesh.

In an interview, Lynskey, who played Rose on “Two and a Half Men,” discussed how she struggled with her “unusual body” and developed serious eating disorders that endangered her health.

“I was going insane trying to fit into something physically impossible for me,” Lynskey said.

“I was miserable for a long time. I struggled with my diet and once thought, ‘I’m not going to make it.’”

Emotional distress and hair loss were among the consequences of her eating disorders, according to the “Togetherness” actress. Lynskey recalled how her hair was falling out, and she was depressed.

Lynskey, 38, said she overcame her body insecurities and is now confident in her appearance.

“I need to look the role, and I’m confident that people will want to cast someone who looks like this in a movie or on a television show,” said Lynskey. “You can’t fake it,” she explained, “so I had to learn to be at ease with myself.”

Lynskey stated that she would no longer accept parts that portray her size negatively.

“It’s not like anything wild is going on over here, but it’s portrayed as such because I’m a size 8,” Lynskey observed. “As an actress, I used to get a lot of offers for projects like The Fat Friend and others, but I would always politely decline.”

Furthermore, Lynskey stated that she enjoys not having to live up to “unrealistic expectations” and being able to play characters who “have a different shape than a lot of women on television.” The actress admitted that the support of her fans inspires and boosts her confidence.

Lynskey remarked that many women resembled her. “I occasionally run into women who express gratitude for seeing a reflection of themselves on Twitter or in person.”