Melania Trump wanted to 'humiliate' Donald Trump in most brutal way, claims former aide

The relationship between Donald Trump and Melania Trump has had its fair share of ups and downs, particularly during their time at the White House. While Melania performed her duties as the First Lady, she also shielded their son, Barron, from media scrutiny. However, behind closed doors, there were tensions simmering.

In 2018, allegations surfaced against Donald Trump regarding a hush money payment to Stormy Daniels. While the president denied any wrongdoing, Melania made her stance clear. A new book sheds light on Melania’s true feelings at the time – she wanted to humiliate her husband.

The First Meeting and Rocky Start

Melania and Donald Trump first met at a New York Fashion Show in 1998. Although Donald was accompanied by another woman, he was captivated by Melania and wanted to be with her. However, Melania was not initially interested and rejected his advances.

Their relationship was far from smooth sailing in the early days. They broke up multiple times before reconciling and eventually moving in together in 2001. Melania also had to adjust her style to fit the mold of a potential First Lady.

Melania’s Devotion to Barron Trump

As Barron Trump grew up, Melania became his closest confidant. Donald Trump admitted that he took a hands-off approach to parenting, leaving most of the childcare responsibilities to Melania. In an interview with CNN, Donald even mentioned that he would marry Melania to make up for the absence of a First Lady.

Melania prioritized Barron’s well-being and decided that they would stay in New York City for six months after Donald’s election victory. She wanted Barron to finish his school year without disruption. Throughout their time at the White House, Melania worked hard to protect Barron from media scrutiny.

Melania’s Controversial Jacket Incident

One of the most infamous incidents involving Melania Trump was when she wore a jacket with the words “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” while visiting a migrant housing facility in Texas. The message on her jacket sparked outrage, considering the administration’s policy of separating migrant children from their families.

Stephanie Grisham, a former aide, revealed in her book that Melania wore the jacket to send a message to her husband. Donald Trump was furious upon her return and confronted her about it. The jacket incident highlighted the tensions between the couple.

Melania’s Desire to Humiliate Donald Trump

The Stormy Daniels scandal further strained Melania and Donald Trump’s relationship. When news of the hush money payment broke, Melania was understandably unhappy. She even refused to go on a trip abroad with her husband and instead traveled to Mar-a-Lago without him, wanting him to feel humiliated.

Melania’s actions during this time reflected her anger and disappointment with her husband. Despite her support for his potential second presidential term, she has not been seen on the campaign trail. Melania remains a private person who values her son’s well-being and the success of the country.

Melania’s Future Role

While many wonder what Melania will do next, she continues to focus on her role as a mother to Barron. Donald Trump acknowledges that she is a private person who doesn’t seek the spotlight. However, he assures that Melania will be out and about, working toward the success of the country.

Ultimately, only time will tell if Donald Trump will become President of the United States again. The dynamics between him and Melania have certainly shaped their journey in the public eye. As we await future developments, it is worthwhile to reflect on the complexities of their relationship.

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