Meghan Markle made headlines at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, where she marked International Women’s Day by participating in a keynote panel alongside media icons Katie Couric and Brooke Shields. The discussion revolved around women’s representation in media, a topic close to Meghan’s heart.

But it wasn’t Meghan’s powerful insights that captured the attention of online commentators. Instead, it was her attire that became the center of a heated debate. Meghan chose a sublime ensemble that exuded a breezy business casual vibe, featuring a silky pinstripe skirt set. The internet’s reaction to her fashion statement was sharply divided.

Critics wasted no time expressing their opinions, with some comparing her sophisticated outfit to wrinkled bedsheets and pajamas. Others skeptically questioned the dreamy nature of her ensemble, suggesting it looked like she had just rolled out of bed. Some even went as far as unfavorably comparing her to Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, claiming that Meghan’s outfit paled in comparison to Kate’s impeccable style.

Despite the criticism, Meghan also received an outpouring of support from fans and admirers who praised her choice of attire and overall demeanor. Compliments flowed in, highlighting her beauty and elegance.

Meghan’s ensemble showcased the craftsmanship and luxury behind Giuliva Heritage, the brand that created it. Her “Husband Shirt in Striped Silk” featured long sleeves, a tailored fit, and elegant mother-of-pearl buttons. Paired with the “Lena Skirt in Striped Silk,” crafted from luminous silk and secured with a side zipper, Meghan’s outfit portrayed quality and sustainability. Both pieces were meticulously hand-made in Italy using 100% sustainably sourced silk.

While the debate over Meghan’s attire became the focal point, it failed to reflect the substantive issues she addressed at the SXSW event. The panel, titled “Breaking Barriers, Shaping Narratives: How Women Lead On and Off the Screen,” delved into important topics such as the toxicity of social media. Meghan, known for her advocacy of feminist causes, human rights, and gender equity, shared her experiences of online abuse, particularly during her pregnancies and early motherhood.

Meghan emphasized the need for a safer online environment, especially for women and children. She called for a change in the way people interact with each other, urging humanity to embrace kindness and empathy.

Joining Meghan on the panel were esteemed speakers such as journalist Katie Couric, actress Brooke Shields, and diversity consultant Nancy Wang Yuen. The event created a vibrant atmosphere where important conversations thrived.

Throughout the event, Prince Harry, Meghan’s husband, provided unwavering support from the audience. The couple, accustomed to criticism and backlash, previously faced online hate after going on a Valentine’s date in Whistler, British Columbia. Despite the negative comments, Harry remains dedicated to his involvement with the Invictus Games and the athletes it supports.

Meghan’s own experiences growing up and her challenges with identity have shaped her perspectives. As a mixed-race individual, Meghan struggled to fit into societal categories. Today, as a mother to son Archie, Meghan sees reflections of her own childhood in him, highlighting the importance of embracing individuality.

While Meghan’s appearance at SXSW ignited passionate debate about her outfit, it should not overshadow the substantive issues she addressed and the significant role she plays as a champion for women’s rights and equality.