In his new biography, “Spare,” Prince Harry describes how he “felt helpless” when Meghan Markle miscarried in 2020.

Harry recalls how he and his wife “both mourned” and grieved in the days following the pregnancy loss.

The “unborn infant” they took with them out of the hospital was described as “a tiny bundle” and later buried by Harry. “We went to a site that only we knew about. I dug a hole with my hands and carefully set the tiny parcel in the ground under a spreading banyan tree as Meg wept,” the Duke of Sussex said. The startling memoir was released recently.

“I realized, as I held my firstborn child, that I was losing her second,” Markle wrote in a 2020 essay for The New York Times. Archie Harrison, the couple’s first child, was there when the miscarriage occurred.

“After changing [Archie’s] diaper, I got a strong cramp. I dropped to the floor with him in my arms while singing a lullaby to keep us both quiet,” she wrote.

“Several hours later, I was lying in a hospital bed with my spouse at my side. I kissed him, moistened by our tears and knuckles, and felt his palm grow clammy. I glazed over as I stared at the harsh white walls. I imagined how we would recover,” Markle added.

In their new Netflix docuseries “Harry & Meghan,” Harry and Meghan reveal the devastating loss. Harry believes she miscarried due to the stress of her legal struggle with the Mail on Sunday. “I believe what the Mail did caused my wife to miscarry.” He said that he kept an eye on everything.

“At this stage, are we convinced that caused the miscarriage? We don’t. I can conclude from what I observed that the miscarriage was caused by what they were trying to do to her,” Harry added.

Lilibet, Markle and Harry’s daughter, was born in June 2021.