At the Queen Elizabeth II memorial service, the Duchess of Sussex was praised for her “elegance” and “grace,” particularly for the time she bowed down in front of the late monarch’s coffin. This, according to many, was the ideal way to honor the late monarch.

Along with other members of the royal family, including her husband, the Duke of Sussex, Meghan Markle attended the Queen’s ceremony on Wednesday at Westminster Hall.

Meghan could be spotted supporting the royal family as the march carrying the Queen’s coffin arrived during the ceremony. The Duchess may be seen in the background of a video that was uploaded to Twitter, bowing and dropping her head as she passes the casket as a sign of respect for the departed.

Meghan can be seen bowing in many pictures shot throughout the service while her husband, Prince Harry, stands next to her and bows in respect.

Many Twitter users praised the royal’s curtsy, using adjectives like “graceful” and “respectful” to characterize the gesture.

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, “executes a perfect curtsy,” according to one observer.

Another person said, “If we’re going off of royalist rhetoric, Meghan’s got the greatest affection and respect for her since her curtsy was the deepest.”

“ the pinnacle of grace and elegance,” a third person chimed in.

Other Twitter users continued to comment on Prince Harry’s expression of pride in his wife. “Can’t deny [that] was a beautiful curtsy, profound and polite,” one of them said. It’s a beautiful touch that she is wearing earrings that the Queen gave her. It seems that Harry was going to start crying as well.

Meghan’s gesture was also akin to how Princess Anne honored her mother in Scotland with a comparable gesture. The Princess Royal bowed and curtsied in front of the casket on Sunday when it arrived in Edinburgh as a sign of respect.

Meghan honored the queen on Wednesday by wearing jewelry that she had previously worn during the ceremony. She was wearing a pair of pearl and diamond earrings that were a gift from the Queen. The first time she wore the earrings was in 2018, when she joined her grandmother-in-law on a tour to Chester’s Storyhouse and Town Hall. This was the second time she wore them.

Additionally, Meghan made a splash when she showed up to the service in a car that was different than Kate Middleton’s, who had gone to the event with Camilla, the Queen Consort. The Countess of Wessex Sophie was in the carriage with the Duchess of Cornwall, who is 41 years old.

The queen and her husband are expected to stay in the country until after the Queen’s burial on September 19, which will be a national holiday. Since retiring from their royal duties in the year 2020, Meghan and Harry have been living at their California mansion. Archie, who is three years old, and Lilibet, who is one year old, are being looked after while they are there.