Aircraft turbulence is unavoidable when traveling, but “severe” turbulence that sends passengers to the hospital is not something you want to experience, let alone wish to avoid.

Sadly for Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila Alves, the turbulence on a recent flight was so bad that it made national news. Since the pair is OK and no one is seriously wounded, it is an unforgettable event for the two.

Fans may recall that McConaughey and Alves have been married since 2012, and they appear to have a good marriage with problem-solving solid rules. In 2021, the “Dazed and Confused” actor stated that he does not let problems linger and instead confronts them with his wife.

“Keep collecting green lights if things are going well,” he said. “If they aren’t, deal with them immediately, so they don’t boil up and get you later.”

Alves has also stated that her husband is “extremely rigorous and hands-on” with their three children while prioritizing their relationship and romance.

They have one of the strongest relationships in Hollywood, and even though the flight was terrifying, they got through it together.

Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey’s wife, claimed on March 2 that their flight had to make an emergency landing due to severe turbulence. She posted a brief video on Instagram of the aftermath, which showed linen and other food items strewn on the floor and flight attendant station.

“On Flight last night, I was told the plane plunged about 4000 feet, and seven people were taken to the hospital,” she stated. She said that items were flying everywhere and that she couldn’t show everything due to the other people around her, but that “the plane was a CHAOS.”

Alves was relieved that everyone appeared to be okay, and she praised Marriott Bonvoy for accommodating them overnight until they could catch another flight the next day. “@officiallymcconaughey and I arrived at the bar with 1 minute to spare… I slept well, and I’m taking a new flight today, “Alves said. “I will continue on my journey…”

According to ABC News, due to strong turbulence, the Lufthansa flight was flying from Austin, Texas, to Frankfurt, Germany, when it landed at Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C. Seven passengers were hurt on the airplane, and a pregnant passenger described it as something out of a “Final Destination” movie.

Alves announced on her Instagram story that their new flight would also have 45 minutes of turbulence departing D.C. “Just my luck,” the Brazilian beauty said, asking her fans to wish her good fortune.