Mariah Carey has been having the time of her life while on vacation with her 11-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan, and has brought fans along for the ride.

The award-winning singer shared a rare snapshot of herself with her son and daughter on a boat excursion on Instagram, and they looked so grown up!

Mariah sat in the center of her children, who were all grins as they posed for the photo in a brilliant green bikini. “Me and my favorite people in the world,” the singer said in the description.

Followers reacted quickly to the snapshot, with one saying, “They are very cute!” and another, “Your children are adorable!” “Such a beautiful family,” a third person added.

Many of the comments also inquired as to when Mariah would release a new album. “Send us new music!” one person said, adding, “We demand a new album!”

The 54-year-old is the mother of twins with her ex-husband, Nick Cannon. Since their breakup, the couple has stayed on excellent terms. Nick stated on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, “We’ll always be a family.” “We prioritize the kids so they can see their parents together and everyone can get along and have a wonderful time.”

Meanwhile, Mariah discussed co-parenting with Nick, noting that “it’s not difficult to make things work.”

She stated: “He’s a nice man. It’s not that difficult to make things work. We can now laugh, joke, and do the things we used to do in a relationship.”

When questioned about her children, the singer responded, “I adore them. I mean, there are no words to describe it adequately.”

Monroe and Moroccan, who stole the show during her All I Want For Christmas performance at the Thanksgiving Parade in November, also appear to be close buddies.

“They adore each other and are best friends, but [now] they’ll do things apart,” Mariah said in 2018. “I only hope they keep it up for the rest of their lives. Nothing compares to the bond they share.”