Many loved Patrick Swayze, but few knew how much he suffered, in fact

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The Dirty Dancing actor I adored has spent the last few years of his life in excruciating pain.

The artist had turned into a vegetable after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and it appears that, in addition to the suffering caused by the sickness, he was a victim of his wife.

Serious allegations were made against Patrick Swayze’s wife, Lisa Niemi, shortly after his death in September 2009.

According to a source close to the family, she abused the actor throughout his 34-year marriage, including during his final years, when he was confined to a wheelchair due to sickness.

Niemi neglected him in the latter weeks of her life when the disease had rendered her unrecognizable, according to a family friend, especially on days when the nurse was free and left him untouched, with his clothes soiled.

“To unload, he used to hit him, as well as the walls and furnishings. They fought frequently, and I was continually trying to keep them out of trouble. They wrecked hotel rooms, cars, and even their own home. It was an abusive relationship “, she admitted to the media.

When asked if she had beaten her spouse during his 21-month cancer battle, Niemi replied, “Yes, of course. He didn’t seem to mind.

Certain things didn’t hit him, but they lodged themselves in his arms and neck. She slammed her fists and palms into him “, according to the source, who also stated that Niemi had complete control over his life, as she was the one who decided how much money to spend, despite the fact that the sickness that the actor was suffering from entailed exorbitant costs.

Charlotte Stevens, a childhood friend of Swayze’s, said she often encouraged the actor to leave Niemi after finding that she was cheating on him with both women and men, confirming the source’s claims.

In turn, the Dirty Dancing star’s wife, to whom she has tied her fate since they were both 15 years old, refuted the claims of the two sources.


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