Man Constantly Mocks Unemployed Wife for Doing Nothing, Finds a Note after Ambulance Takes Her Away — A Short Story

It’s unfortunate that sometimes it takes a drastic event to make us realize the value of our partners and appreciate the things they do for us. This is a story inspired by real-life experiences and it might leave you feeling a bit sad, but don’t worry, it has a rewarding ending. Sometimes, we need a wake-up call to truly understand what someone else is going through. Let’s dive into this tale!

Samantha always knew she wanted to be a mom, but she never anticipated the challenges that came with it. When her husband Craig and her had their first child, juggling a full-time job, household chores, and childcare proved to be difficult. Then, the arrival of their twin boys made things even more complicated. Balancing work, taking care of three kids, and managing the household was tough, and Craig wasn’t the most helpful partner.

As time went on, Craig became less understanding and started to expect more from Samantha. He asked her to quit her job and become a full-time stay-at-home mom.

In an effort to make Craig happy, Samantha left her job, and they no longer needed a nanny. Now, Samantha was responsible for taking care of all three children on her own. None of the kids went to daycare, so Samantha had to look after them all day, without any assistance.

But what was supposed to make Craig happy turned into a nightmare. He got angry over small things like dirty dishes and late dinners. He became bitter and started resenting his wife, thinking she was incompetent. He questioned why there were toys on the floor or why the bathroom was a mess. He believed Samantha should be managing the home better.

Craig’s anger towards Samantha escalated, and she continued to do her best, despite feeling exhausted.

As Samantha and Craig’s twins were about to turn two, Samantha had been a stay-at-home mom for a year. Throughout that year, Craig constantly criticized Samantha, believing she wasn’t doing a good enough job.

On the day of the twins’ birthday party, Samantha stayed up all night preparing snacks, blowing up balloons, and creating a perfect setting for the celebration. As the guests started to leave, Samantha finally sat down on the couch, utterly exhausted.

Craig was not pleased with Samantha’s exhaustion. He expected her to immediately clean up the wrapping paper and take care of the mess left by the 20 toddlers and their parents. He told Samantha to get up and do everything, then stormed off to the bedroom, causing all the kids to cry. Overwhelmed, Samantha wiped away her tears and gathered the kids for their bath and bedtime.

Later that evening, Samantha was reading a bedtime story to their twins when Craig knocked on the door. He opened it, laughed at Samantha, and asked if she could manage. Samantha ignored his comment and focused on getting the boys to sleep.

But as she left the room, Samantha suddenly blacked out and collapsed on the living room floor.

At first, Craig thought Samantha was playing a joke on him, but soon he realized something was seriously wrong. Fearing for her well-being, he called 911, and the paramedics arrived shortly after. Craig couldn’t leave with Samantha because he had the kids to take care of, so he watched as the ambulance drove away. Confused and worried, he locked the door and returned to the living room, where he noticed a notepad on the floor. It had fallen from Samantha’s back pocket when she collapsed.

Curiosity got the best of him, and Craig opened the notebook. He found Samantha’s To-Do List. As he read through it, he realized just how busy her days were and how little free time she had for herself. Craig had completely underestimated the amount of work his wife did. He felt like a fool for treating her poorly and thinking she was lazy. Tomorrow, while Samantha was in the hospital, he would take on her to-do list.

The next day, everything went wrong for Craig. He woke up late to the sound of his kids screaming and crying. He had already missed their play date, and the twins had made a mess with a bag of sugar from the pantry. It hit him hard how much his wife went through every day. He quickly got the kids ready and called their old nanny for help. With a newfound appreciation for Samantha, he rushed to the hospital to find out what had happened to her.

On his way to the ER, Craig thought about how he would apologize and make it up to Samantha. He knew that his words alone couldn’t erase the way he had treated her, but he was determined to change and show his appreciation. He also realized the importance of hiring a nanny to ensure Samantha would never end up in the hospital from exhaustion again.

The story reminds us that we may never truly understand what someone else is going through, but we can make an effort to treat them with kindness and empathy.

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental.

Remember, it’s crucial to recognize and appreciate the efforts of our loved ones, especially when it comes to the work they do every day. Let’s strive to be understanding and supportive partners!