Country musician Luke Combs is covering burial fees for three young men who died presumably from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning at a neighboring campground after hearing him play Saturday at a Michigan music festival.

“I don’t even know what to say to him for reaching out and doing that. I wish I could simply hug him,” Meeka Sova, the mother of victim Kole Sova, said.

The other victims, identified as Dawson Brown, 20, William Mays Jr., 20, known as Richie, and Kole Sova, 19, most likely perished from carbon monoxide poisoning from a working portable generator that was too close to their vacation trailer, according to Lenawee County Sheriff Troy Bevier.

Bevier believes the victims presumably slept and “never realized what happened.” “I want people to know that,” Sova’s father, Jerry Sova, told “That, I believe, will aid in the community’s healing. That, I think, is important.”

Instead of putting the generator in the back, as Mays’ grandfather suggested, the family put it in the front because Mays did not want to disturb females sleeping in a nearby tent, according to Mays’ stepfather Lance Satterthwaite.

Sova stated that autopsies were set for Sunday.

“My heart breaks for these families and those still fighting for their lives,” Amy Satterthwaite, Mays’ mother, said. Rayfield Johnson and Kurtis Stitt, both 20, remained in critical condition at the hospital.

The males were discovered at Michigan International Speedway, west of Detroit, in a campground across from the Faster Horses Festival.

Combs’ representatives did not immediately answer TheWrap’s request to comment on the contribution.