Lucy, a kind-hearted woman in her golden years, found solace in her son’s home after the loss of her beloved husband, Ron. Feeling a bit lost and not yet ready to live alone, she moved in with her son Connor and his wife, Eve, until she was ready to find her own place.

Lucy was grateful to her son for his support, so she decided to pass on the rent she received from her own house to him. She wanted to show her appreciation for their generosity. With Connor working long hours as an IT technician, Lucy spent most of her time with Eve, who lovingly took care of the household as a dedicated housewife.

Initially, everything seemed perfect. Eve went above and beyond to make Lucy feel at home, taking care of the cooking and cleaning without accepting any help. However, Lucy couldn’t help but feel the need to contribute. As time went on, Lucy took on more and more household chores, despite her aging knees protesting against the physical strain.

A few days before Christmas, Eve called Lucy while she was watching TV and made an unexpected request. She asked Lucy to finish the laundry and then go grocery shopping for both dinner that night and the upcoming Christmas feast. Eve mentioned that nine guests were expected, and assured Lucy that she would give her the money beforehand. This sudden change surprised Lucy, as they had always done the shopping together. It wasn’t a request anymore; it felt like an order.

In that moment, Lucy realized that over time, she had unknowingly become more of a maid than a guest in her son’s home. She wanted to teach Eve a lesson before she left. Coming from a large family, Lucy was an experienced cook and knew how to prepare meals for a large gathering.

When Christmas arrived, the delicious aroma of Lucy’s cooking filled the house. As the guests started to arrive and gather around the dinner table, one of her son’s friends praised the food, expressing amazement at how Lucy had managed to prepare everything herself. Proudly, Lucy admitted that she had indeed cooked it all. She glanced at Connor, who beamed with pride for his talented mother. Although happy, Lucy couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness, as this was the first Christmas without her beloved Ron.

Then, Eve chimed in, expressing her doubt that Lucy could have made so many delicious dishes. Lucy responded graciously, thanking her for the compliment but also keeping her plan in mind to teach Eve a lesson.

After the dinner, while Connor attended to the guests in the living room, Lucy and Eve cleaned up the table. Lucy couldn’t help but notice the envy on Eve’s face as people continued to shower praises on her culinary skills. Sensing that Eve had learned her lesson, Lucy agreed to talk with her. Eve admitted that she hadn’t fully realized how much Lucy did around the house and acknowledged that she had unloaded some of her responsibilities onto her.

With a smile, Lucy understood that Eve now understood. She gently explained that as much as she wanted to help, her aging knees couldn’t handle the same workload anymore. Understanding the importance of teamwork, Eve insisted that Lucy put her feet up and offered to make her a cup of tea.

In the end, Lucy’s plan succeeded, and she and Eve found a new understanding and appreciation for each other. They became a true team, supporting and caring for each other in ways that harmonized their household.

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