You’ve probably seen hundreds of romantic and heartwarming proposals on social media, and they keep on becoming more creative one after another.

You always see a girl, oblivious and about to be surprised by their significant other, often ending with girls giving their sweet yes followed by tears of joy.

But a proposal that became viral did not have the usual set-up compared to others you see. Tim Bobbit went down on his knees to propose to his wife’s daughter, Kylee, so that he can be her new father!

Despite not being related by blood, Tim and Kylee forged a bond only a father-daughter relationship can have.

The middle schooler welcomed Tim with open arms and looked at him like he’s her birth father.

Tim is Kylee’s biggest fan. He always attended all of Kylee’s cheerleading and dance competitions.

They even spend their spare time playing video games together—Tim has become Kylee’s best friends. During his wedding to Annie, Kylee read a letter at the altar, asking Tim to adopt her.

Tim did not waste any second and poured all the hard work needed so he can grant Kylee’s wish.

It took Tim several months to settle the legal paperwork.

Eventually, Tim was able to finish everything, and all that’s left is telling Kylee the good news—she’s going to be Tim’s daughter for the rest of her life.

Tim and Annie decided that it was a great idea to surprise Kylee. They staged a fake photoshoot so Tim can propose when the time Kylee least expects it.

Finally, the moment of truth came, and Tim bent down on one knee to say his piece before popping the big question. “I absolutely love going to all your cheer and dance comps,” Tim said.

“I love watching you grow into the beautiful young lady you are. I love being the person you come to when you are hurt or scared. I love holding your hand when we walk through the store or when you’re scared to ride the roller coaster.”

“But most of all, Kylee,” he continued. “I look forward to the day I can walk you down the aisle when you married because that’s what fathers do. The reason why I can say that is because today, in front of all our family and friends is the day I get to adopt you.”

The middle schooler could not contain her tears and hugged her brand-new father. The three-headed to the courthouse for the final touches of Kylee’s adoption such as paperwork to finalize everything.

Before the day ended, Tim, Annie, and Kylee went out of the courthouse as one family recognized by the law.

Tim documented his journey towards adopting his middle schooler daughter in touching video tribute, which he uploaded on YouTube.

It now has over 6 million views and people’s reactions are just touching.

“Had to dry my eyes, beautiful story, and she is a very beautiful little lady. Thank you for sharing this story with us. My wife and I are working to adopt a child so this story (were) very touching and heartwarming.” One person said in the comment section.

Watch the video below to learn the story of how Tim and adopted Kylee: