Tragedy struck the Presley family on January 12, 2023, when Lisa Marie died suddenly from a heart attack. Priscilla Presley was the first to confirm her daughter’s death in an emotional statement.

“I have to break the heartbreaking news that my darling daughter Lisa Marie has passed away,” she wrote. “I’d never met a lady as passionate, intense, and loving as she was.”

According to TMZ, the Presley family gathered at Graceland more than a week after Lisa Marie passed away to pay their respects to their beloved daughter, mother, and friend. Priscilla and other family members and friends spoke at the moving ceremony.

Throughout the funeral, the Presley family supported one another as they mourned Lisa Marie. However, things deteriorated further in the days that followed.

Lisa Marie was the only child of the late artist Elvis Presley and left behind a sizable estate. According to court records dated 2010, Lisa Marie named her mother, Priscilla, and her business manager, Barry Siegel, as trustees of her estate.

However, after the singer-songwriter left, Priscilla discovered a new document from 2016, which suggested that Lisa Marie had changed her mind about who she wanted to inherit her fortune.

Priscilla Presley was taken aback when she discovered paperwork from 2016 naming Riley and Benjamin Keough as new trustees for her daughter Lisa Marie’s inheritance.

Unfortunately, Benjamin died, so Riley would be the rightful owner of the estate. According to TMZ, the papers, which were named Priscilla and Barry Siegel, were an update to the 2010 document. Priscilla, on the other hand, is suing.

According to TMZ, Priscilla requested in court documents that the judge strike the 2016 addition. Priscilla claims the amendment seemed suspicious, right down to Lisa Marie’s writing and signature. She also claimed Lisa Marie never provided her with the updated terms, which she claims were stipulated in the 2010 agreement.

Riley has not responded to her grandmother’s behavior, but resentment must have existed between the two. A source told Page Six that even Priscilla’s intentions aren’t genuine. “It’s only there to make money,” they said. “Lisa Marie and Priscilla had nothing in common.”

Priscilla is certain that she is prioritizing the needs of her family. “Lisa would have turned 55 today,” Priscilla revealed to Page Six. “My goal is to protect my three grandchildren and our nuclear family.”

Priscilla discussed how she has always taken care of her two children. “I have cared for, loved, and directed Lisa in the same ways I have my son ever since I first held her in my arms,” she said. “I’m learning to live without my daughter, and our hearts are broken.”