Fans were ecstatic to see Archie Harrison, three, and Lilibet Diana, one, make appearances in all episodes of the second chapter of the docuseries that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are doing for Netflix. The show premiered last week.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex did everything they could to keep their children out of the public spotlight during their relocation to Montecito ahead of the release of their documentary. However, the world has already seen a lot of photographs and films of Sussex youngsters, including this one in which Lilibet is seen feeding chickens.

However, the most touching portrait of Lilibet was displayed in the fourth episode and drew the most interest.

Meghan may be seen in the photo holding Archie and Lilibet on either hip while wearing slim denim trousers and a blue linen blouse. She emanates a relaxed sense of refinement.

The Duchess of Cambridge is soothing her daughter, who is dressed in pink flowery leggings and a buttercup yellow T-shirt. The Duchess of Cambridge is leaning into her daughter.

This photograph is one of the few times the general public has seen Lilibet Diana’s hair, and what magnificent auburn locks she has! The one-year-old wavy’s hair was pulled back into a high ponytail and tied with a blue hairband.

It’s easy to know Lilibet and Archie are connected because their hair has the same golden color.

The couple quickly announced the birth of their daughter, as well as her name, on June 4, 2021. However, HELLO! has discovered in an exclusive interview that Harry and Meghan decided on their daughter’s name a long time before she was born.

A charming shot of baby Lili resting happily in her crib while wearing a homemade babygrow with the words “petite lili” embroidered across the front appeared in the most recent episodes of Harry and Meghan’s tell-all Netflix documentary series.

Sabrina Brian is the mastermind behind the beautiful hand-embroidered baby onesies she offers on Etsy. She told HELLO! that the order was placed one month before Lili was born.

“I definitely knew about Meghan and Harry before this week, so it is truly mind-boggling to find out that their baby has worn something that I have manufactured,” she said.

While much of the Harry and Meghan documentary series has elicited mixed opinions from viewers, everyone agrees on how cute their children are.