You may have been familiar with all of your vehicle’s functions. This statement presupposes that you have read your car’s manual and are familiar with all of the other features, including wipers, air conditioning, radio, and hazards. All you’ll need are seven simple yet life-changing auto hacks. Everything is covered, from minor annoyances to significant annoyances, and you can trust this guide to help you enhance your standard of living. You might want to do a quick check to see if any of the items on this list have been completed.

Fixing A Dent With Hot Water & A Plunge

Many people feel that dents are difficult to repair, although this isn’t totally accurate. Simply bring some water to a boil in a teapot or saucepan, pour it over the dent, and then pull the plunger. A little dent in the body of the car can be handled without too much concern; if the damage is minor, the dent should be completely removed. However, if the damage is significant, it will be more visible and may detract from the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.

Dirty Headlights And Toothpaste

Don’t rush to the nearest auto dealer for a specific fix if your headlights are hazy! You might already have a solution to your problem at home. Toothpaste, which contains mild abrasives that clean enamel, turns out to be just as effective on headlights as it is on teeth. With a little toothpaste and elbow grease, your headlights might be as clear as day again!

Opening Your Keyring With A Staple Remover

When you’re connecting a new set of keys to your silver keyring, you don’t have to take a break from your work. Simply split the end pieces with a staple remover and slide them in! We’re sure you’re scratching your brain, wondering why you’ve never thought of it before.

Put A Shower Caddy In The Trunk

Your trunk most likely has oil, a funnel, a rag, and a flashlight if you’re the type of person who loves to know what’s going to happen next. A shower caddy is an item that you can purchase to keep your items neatly organized and out of the way while also keeping the trunk of your vehicle clean.

Use Pool Noodles To Prevent Car Dings

Whenever you leave your house, do you frequently close and lock your garage door on one side of the building? If you want to keep it simple, you can cut half of a pool noodle and tape it to the wall where the door swings open (the scuff marks should make it easy enough to tell). In either case, your automobile and the wall will be protected! Bolts or simple command strips can be used to secure the wall.

Need A Trash Bin? Use Cereal Bins

Waste fills our vehicles for a long time even if we aren’t paying attention. If you acquire a waste bin, you can prevent this problem. You’ll only need one of those cereal-holding plastic containers. For maximum compactness and freshness, line the waste can with plastic.

Reduce Glare With A Tinted Plastic Sheet

This is something that anyone can relate to: you’ve forgotten your sunglasses at home, the sun is sinking, and you’re driving west. Although this perspective provides no protection, you might be able to make use of something! The sun will no longer bother you with a simple tinted plastic sheet fitted to your automobile window.

Lessen Frost By Parking Your Car Facing East

This appears to be a strange witchcraft technique, but it is actually fairly straightforward and sensible. The sun’s rays will defrost your front windscreen first if you park your car facing the sun in the morning. You’ll never have to wait for the defroster to warm up again if you arrive at work when the sun rises!

Extend Your Key’s Range By Holding Them To Your Head

It may appear unusual at first, but trust us when we say it works! To see if your keys have a limited range, place them beneath your chin and press the button again if they don’t work; the fluids in your head will somewhat modify the range of the signal.

Long Ride With A Messy Kid? MagnaDoodle Got You Covered

There are two distinct challenges to consider when taking a lengthy vehicle journey with a toddler. They’re dirty, and they get bored easily. MagnaDoodle can assist you with both of these issues. A large part of the enjoyment is drawing and redrawing without running out of (or dropping) resources. They can also be utilized as a tray table for children to consume meals without crumbs and spills all over the place, which you may be unaware of.

Clean Your Wheels With Cola

You’ve probably heard the expression “use Cola to clean this” a million times, but a mixture of cola and dish detergent can remove all road filth and brake dust from your rims, leaving them shining. Some people worry that the soda will merely make things stickier, but this is avoided by using detergent.

You Can Use Pantyhose As A Fan Belt

To begin, determine whether you have any other options if your fan belt fails. It’s not worth it to put yourself at risk of catching fire in order to save money. If you’ve forgotten your phone, a pair of pantyhose can be used as a fan belt to help you reach a petrol station or a spot with mobile coverage if you’re genuinely stuck.

Use Nail Polish On Small Scratches

If your car’s paint has only a minor scratch or chip, it’s usually not worth the money to have it professionally repaired. However, you’ll have to drive about with the damage because there aren’t any repair businesses in the area that offer low-cost vehicle maintenance. To achieve the look, only a smidgeon of nail paint is required. If you can match the paint on your automobile fairly closely, a little nail polish will effectively cover scratches such that no one notices them unless they are looking for them.

De-Ice Your Keyholes With Hand Sanitizers

Anyone who has ever tried to defrost frozen automobile door locks knows how tough it is. Hand sanitizer is the solution, in case you hadn’t figured. Although pouring something into a damaged lock may seem paradoxical, the alcohol in the solution will melt the ice, allowing you to turn the lock. It will dissolve in the same way on your automobile as it does on your hands.

Keep Your Seats Buckled During Hot Weather

Trying to fasten your seatbelt in the summer is almost certainly a prescription for disaster. Buckling your seatbelt while the car is still parked and before getting back in protects your hands from metal elements of the automobile that have been exposed to sunshine and heat. If the sun doesn’t reach it, it won’t get hot enough to burn.

Use Over-The-Door Shoe Racks As Backseat Organizers

It has so many applications that it is especially beneficial if you have children. Sippy cups, toys, chargers, and snacks may all be housed in the backseat on a simple over-the-door shoe rack. This minivan has a lot of easily accessible pouches, but the pouches that come standard in some other cars are more difficult to find.

Window Chips? Clear Nail Polish Could Help

Another miracle with nail polish! If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, it’s more likely that it’ll spread and cause a worsening crack. A few droplets of transparent nail paint applied in the shape of a run in a pair of stockings can prevent the crack from spreading until you can afford to repair the windshield.

You Can Use Rubber Bands As Phone Holders

It’s as uncomfortable as having to use your GPS and not having someone to hold it up for you, or having to keep your phone out of reach by utilizing a window or air vent holder (and potentially dangerous). Using a rubber band, you may achieve the same result. Loop it through the console, around the tops and bottoms of your phone, then through the vents to secure it.

Put Plastic Bottles On Your Tires

You may have noticed on some cold winter nights that cats often congregate around cars. This is primarily because they try to find warmth near cooling engines. Unfortunately, there are times when we don’t see these cats and there have even been instances where they have gotten stuck in the engine! Simply place a bottle on top of the tire and the cat cannot enter the engine this way. Protect your engine while keeping these cats safe with this simple hack.

Easy Way To Cool Down A Hot Car

Do you know how it feels to have to stand outside in the heat of summer in order to breathe after getting back into your hot car? Roll down the passenger window and quickly open and close the driver’s door to expedite the operation. Fresh air is drawn into your vehicle, while stale air is fanned out, thanks to the fanning effect.

Dryer Sheets As Air Freshener

These kinds of air fresheners are a terrible waste of money because they only last a short time. Dryer sheets last far longer, are less noticeable and have a high odor-absorbing capacity. The scented or unscented versions can keep your automobile smelling fresh for months.

The Nanotech Car Scratch Remover Cloth

Advanced nanotechnology is used in Multipurpose Scratch Remover Clothes to remove various sorts of automobile scratches, restore paintwork and color, and maintain the completed appearance. Each cloth can be used between ten and fifteen times, according to the company. A one-year limited guarantee is included for further peace of mind.

Use Scented Wax Cubes As Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are necessary, but for the benefit of your nose, dryer sheets are an excellent DIY solution. Simply fill a mason jar with scented wax cubes to quickly and easily perfume a mason jar with a number of little holes drilled in the lead. Put the jar in your car to infuse it with a beautiful fragrance, and the wax will melt as the vehicle warms up.

Check Your Tire’s State With A Penny

If you take these easy safety steps, you might just save your life. Invert a coin and insert it into the treads of your tires. If Abraham Lincoln’s head is one-third underwater, you’re alright. If any of the President’s heads are not covered by the tread, replacement tires will be required.

Keep Your Cup Holder Clean By Doing This

Cup holder wrappers made of silicone can help you maintain your cup holders nicely and organized. This helps to keep your cup holders clean while also putting your spare coins in a convenient location. This fundamental technique is surprisingly effective at keeping things tidy when followed to the letter.

Save Space Using Carabiner Hooks

Remove some of your personal goods from your vehicle and attach carabiner hooks to the headrests of your automobile. These containers can be used to hold items such as shopping bags, food, umbrellas, and other items. This will allow you to free up more space than you believe is possible.

Use Muffin Pans As A Cupholder

If you need a huge fast-food order, plan ahead. Before you begin, make sure you have a muffin pan and a basket ready. What is the reason behind this? It is for this reason that this huge, long-lasting soft drink holder was created. Make a mental note of this tip for whenever you place a large order.

Make Grocery Shopping Easier With Laundry Baskets

Keep a full laundry basket in the trunk of your car for the next time you go grocery shopping. When you get home, you may fill the basket with bags rather than having to walk back to the car. This makes grocery shopping much more convenient.

Keep Some Kitty Litter In Your Trunk

It’s a good idea to keep kitty litter in your trunk even if you don’t have a cat. Extricating yourself from a snowbank or a slick location on the road requires a lack of traction, which kitty litter can give. You will get the best effects if you drive after pouring some around your tires. The non-clumping kind is preferred.

Another Kitty Litter Hack

Another tip is to put kitty litter in a sock and wear it around your neck. Although this may appear absolutely absurd to an onlooker, your windshield will remain clear as a result of this. The advice is still very significant, however, and it is as follows:

Need To Keep Things In Place? Use Command Hooks

If you wish to keep your bag, purse, or mask in a single location, build a hook out of the command hook and place it at floor level to keep everything together. Your complete life’s requirements are easily accessible, well-organized, and spotless in this space. This is something to keep in mind if you have extra space in your automobile.

Gauge Your Garage Parking With A Tennis Ball

It may be hard for you to get a parking spot in your garage. There’s no need to be concerned; we’re here to assist you. It’s not always easy to see if you’ve entirely backed into your parking spot. All you have to do to finish this project is attach a line to your garage’s roof and hang a tennis ball from it. When you’ve traveled a given distance, it will rest on your windshield.

Download a Parking App to Find Your Car

Isn’t it difficult for you to recall where you parked your car? You are not alone; others can empathize with you. Finally, the days of seeking your car without looking are over, as there are now a plethora of helpful apps that can help you locate your vehicle in seconds. If you return to the mall, the automobile will be waiting for you. You will be able to keep track of where you parked regardless of the apps you choose.

Warm Up Your Windshield Wipers

Another suggestion for getting ready for the next cold months. You won’t have to waste time thawing out your windshield wipers in the morning. To cover each wiper, you’ll only need some old socks and a few hours. As a result, by the time morning comes and you’re ready to start your day, your windshield wipers will be free of ice and will adhere to your windshield.

Handy Towel Holder

This is an excellent strategy for parents of young children, in our opinion. It’s incredibly easy: just use a length of bungee cable to connect a roll of paper towel to your automobile. Instead of fumbling through the entire car for the towel roll, you can reach for the towels more quickly with this design. In the car, one of our passengers has either spilled something or has a runny nose.

Vinegar To Defrost Your Windows

It is not amusing to have to defrost your automobile in the morning. If your windshield wipers are filthy, make a vinegar-water solution and apply it to the glass instead. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and apply it to your windows after you’ve blended all of the ingredients. To avoid frosty areas, use a spray bottle to spread the ice-melting fluid evenly.

Get More Gas From The Pump

Though it may appear straightforward, there is a smarter way of filling up on gas than speeding. If you press the gas pump all the way down, the nozzle will think your tank is full, causing bubbles to form in your tank. You can carry more petrol if you drive slower, but if you just slow down, there will be enough room. You’ll have to wait a little longer for the gas to come out if you only press the pump halfway. While this is correct, your tank will be filled with extra gas.

Blow Away Bumper Stickers

If you’ve made it this far, you almost probably have a bumper sticker on your car. They are, in fact, far easy to remove than one might think. This procedure just necessitates the use of a high-powered hairdryer. Heat the stickers on both sides using a hairdryer, and the glue will begin to lift, allowing the stickers to be peeled off in a matter of minutes. Those bumper stickers from 2006 should be torn up and thrown away.

Slime Is Your Savior

Who would have guessed that a child’s toy could be used for one of the most creative car hacks? Slime and automobile interiors are a match made in heaven. If you run out of slime in your kids’ playroom, you may easily get some at the supermarket. With the slime, clean all of the hard-to-reach locations in your automobile, including the air vents and the sides of your chair. The slime quickly absorbs any dirt or dust that you can’t get rid of.

If Your Tires Blows, DON’T Brake

This is more of a piece of advice than a hack. Do not stop if your tire blows out while traveling at least 65 kilometers per hour on a straight road. Strive to resist the urge, even if it seems instinctual. Keep your foot on the accelerator instead. This will help you restore control of your vehicle and keep a straight line on the road. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

Don’t Weigh Down Your Key

When a tire blows while you’re moving at least 65 km/h on a straight road, don’t break. Braking can cause fishtailing and a potential collision with something. Rather, keep your foot on the gas pedal and accelerate. This can assist you in regaining control of your vehicle and returning to the straight and narrow. It should just take a few moments to complete.

Prevent Car Sickness

The ignition switch can be ruined if you have too many keys or cute keychains. That is to say, your car’s starting will get less smooth with time. Experts advise keeping your key collection to no more than three keys or keychains. If you feel a tightness or your key won’t turn in the ignition, take it to the dealer as soon as possible. You’ll waste a lot of money if you don’t.

Lowering Your Insurance Costs

We’re constantly searching for methods to save money on a monthly basis, particularly when it comes to our automobiles. Now all you have to do is work on your defensive driving skills. In various countries throughout the world, defensive driving can help you save money on car insurance. If you’re still not convinced if learning defensive driving is worth your time and money, think about the vehicle insurance reductions.

What Side Is The Tank On?

When people pull up to fill up their gas tank, they commonly “forget” which side of the tank they are on. What they don’t comprehend is that the solution has always been right in front of them. Take a quick peek at the gasoline gauge on your dashboard…can you see it now? An arrow will be next to an image of a petrol pump. The arrow points in the direction where the car’s filler cap should be put.

Diagnose Your Own Car troubles

Those days are long gone when you wished you could inspect your car without the assistance of a mechanic. You’ll need an auto-code reader to get started. It will quickly read your engine’s issue codes when you connect it to the car’s computer via the OBD connection. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the check engine light, including how to figure out where an oxygen sensor is causing issues, how to find out what new features your car has, and even how to get your car’s VIN number.

Always Keep An Emergency Kit

No matter who is driving, a car should always be equipped with an emergency pack. Jumper cables, a flashlight, additional batteries, a first-aid kit, and even a compass are common additions to emergency supplies. A basic tool kit is one of the most important items to include in this luggage. It is also recommended that you bring warm clothing, a shovel, and a second cell phone charger with you. If you never put what you’ve learned to use, you’ll never know when you’ve learned it.

Clean Your AC Vents

The air conditioning in your automobile is a godsend on every day of the year, not just on scorching hot summer days and bitterly cold winter days. While the majority of people fail to clean their car’s air vents, some appreciate the need of doing so. A foam brush, which can be found at most hardware stores, is one of the best ways to clean pet hair. Finally, clean each panel with care. Everyone in the car will be healthier if you sanitize your A/C and maintain it clean and fresh.

Vaseline Tip

For years, Vaseline has pretty much saved the lives of many people. This dish is great for colds and flu, but it’s also useful for a variety of other ailments. You may try it on the inside of your vehicle. Vaseline rubbed on a rag or cotton wool will assist vinyl or leather stay in place and last longer. In the winter, rubbing a small amount of vaseline on rubber door seals will help keep them from freezing.

Avoid Crumbs

Dirt in a car is especially noticeable to parents with young children. It’s almost as if your car has become its own garbage can. Cleaning can be time-consuming, especially since children frequently drop items between the vehicle seats. Place a folded sheet behind the booster seat to catch anything that might fall through. Melting candies, juice spills, and even dog saliva is no longer a threat to a destroyed car.

Use A Newspaper To Clean Windows

While we’ve only looked at one window-cleaning technique, it’s always helpful to have a couple more options. Nothing cleans windows better than an old newspaper, believe it or not. Cleaning your windows with a window cleaner, then scraping the newspaper with a pointed brush is all that is required. You’ll get sparkling clean results right away if you do it this way. Make certain the windows aren’t tinted, though!