Lauren Wasser, a Californian model, has faced unimaginable challenges due to her use of tampons. In 2012, she fell severely ill with what she believed was the flu, but it turned out to be toxic shock syndrome (TTS) caused by bacterial toxins. The source of the infection? A tampon.

TTS is a serious condition that can be caused by the extended use of tampons. Lauren’s experience with TTS left her in a coma for over a week, and when she woke up, her right leg had to be amputated. She was only 24 years old at the time.

Now, Lauren is on a mission to ensure that no other woman goes through the same devastating ordeal she did. She is raising awareness about the dangers of tampons and fighting against the Kotex Natural Balance brand, the tampon that caused her severe reaction.

Lauren understands the importance of educating women about the potential risks associated with tampons. She believes it is crucial for consumers to know the reality of what could happen to them, considering that the vagina is the most absorbent part of a woman’s body and a gateway to vital organs.

Despite her ongoing battle, Lauren remains strong and resilient. Recently, she had to have her other leg amputated, and she shared a photo on her social media accounts alongside Paralympic athlete Amy Purdy, who also had her legs amputated. In her post, Lauren expressed her readiness for the next chapter of her life and urged others to keep fighting.

Lauren’s bravery and determination are truly inspiring. She continues to fight not only for herself but for all women, striving to ensure that no one else has to endure the same suffering she has faced. Let us stand with Lauren and share her story so that every woman is aware of the potential dangers associated with tampons. Together, we can protect and empower one another.