Behold Bella. She is a typical 11-year-old girl with Morquio syndrome, a rare diagnosis. In essence, Bella’s illness implies that she is losing her mobility over time and that she cannot regain it.

Her family received a detailed description of what would occur a few years ago: Eventually, their daughter won’t be able to move about on her own.

The family, though, steadfastly persisted in hoping.

George entered the scene at that point. and Bella’s life was permanently altered.

Bella and George have a special bond. He is her service dog, and he allows her to travel everywhere she wants by assisting her in walking. A harness with the words “service dog” and “do not pet” is fastened on his back.

George has transformed into a hero for Bella due to his responsibilities; the two are practically inseparable.

One day, Bella decided it was time for her devoted pet to take a break. She wanted to repay him for all that he had done for her.

An event dubbed a “Dog’s Best Day” is organized by BarkPost, a well-known website that Bella’s family contacted. The gang offered to give George his “best day” after hearing Bella’s tale.

Bella had a ton of enjoyable activities lined up for the two of them to undertake. They shared burgers and played in the snow together, precisely like George likes to do, as she wanted to express her gratitude for everything he did.

Bella no longer needs a wheelchair to get around, thanks to George. She adores the independence this provides her and has made a new closest friend in George.

You can watch George’s “Dog’s Best Day” video below.

George is cheery and constantly smiling, and he’s always there to cheer you up, as Bella explains in her own words. My closest friend is him.

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