King Charles Confers Prestigious New Title To Prince William Which Was Believed To Be Reserved For Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan made headlines in January 2020 when they announced their decision to step down as senior working members of the British royal family, in what became known as “Megxit.” Since then, they have been residing in the United States with their children, leading their own independent lives. Although they have distanced themselves from royal duties, their actions and choices continue to be under intense scrutiny.

Recently, there were rumors that the Sussexes would be returning to the United Kingdom for the Invictus Games and possibly meet with King Charles and Kate Middleton. However, things have taken a surprising turn. On the day of Prince Harry’s arrival in the UK, King Charles decided to bestow a prestigious military title upon Prince William, a title that many believed would be given to Harry.

A royal insider had previously hinted at the possibility of a reconciliation between Charles, Harry, and Meghan, with Charles wanting to reunite with his grandchildren. However, it seems that a meeting between Harry and his father will not be possible due to Charles’ busy schedule.

People on social media expressed their frustration and disappointment over this news, criticizing Charles for not prioritizing his son and his family. Many feel that this decision is another example of the rift between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family.

On May 7, 2024, the same day that Prince Harry returned to the UK, King Charles made an unexpected announcement. It was revealed that he had chosen Prince William as the Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps, a title that was previously believed to be reserved for Prince Harry. This decision, it appears, has deeply affected Harry, who served in the corps during his time in the military. According to royal expert Tom Quinn, Harry was left in tears upon hearing the news, as it signaled another detachment from his previous life and his family.

It is clear that this latest move by King Charles has further strained the relationship between Harry and the rest of the royal family. Harry, who has already experienced a significant shift in his role within the monarchy, is now faced with the loss of another important connection to his past.

The palace also announced that Kate, who is battling cancer, was awarded the Royal Companion of the Order of the Companions of Honour, while Prince William received the Great Master of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath. These honors, while significant, further highlight the difference in treatment between Harry and his brother.

The decision to confer Prince William with a title that was believed to be for Prince Harry has raised questions and sparked discussions among royal watchers. Many are wondering whether Charles should make an effort to meet and reconcile with his son. The divide within the family continues to captivate the public’s attention, as they wait to see if there will be any resolution or reconciliation in the future.

What are your thoughts on King Charles’ decision? Do you believe he should meet with Prince Harry? Share your opinions with your loved ones and let’s keep the conversation going.