Kevin Costner, renowned actor of hit movies like Dances with Wolves and The Bodyguard, is making big waves in Utah. Despite recent personal difficulties such as a messy divorce and his departure from the popular show “Yellowstone,” Costner has found solace in the picturesque landscapes of southern Utah. In fact, he recently completed filming his new western epic, Horizon: An American Saga, in the charming town of St. George.

Finding inspiration from the breathtaking surroundings, Costner has decided to establish a lasting presence in Utah by creating his own film studio. He believes that the intrinsic beauty of the state serves as a perfect backdrop for his stories. Costner stated, “The State of Utah…can be said to be its own character in our story.” This profound connection to the region has motivated him to open Territory Studios on land adjacent to the St. George Airport.

During St. George Mayor Michele Randall’s State of the City address, it was revealed that Costner’s film studio will encompass an impressive 70,000 square feet of sound stages, along with 51,000 square feet of production warehouses and 31,750 square feet of production offices. This significant construction project will also include a Costner-themed restaurant and offer guided tours that showcase the various sets created for his films.

By choosing to establish a film studio in Utah, Kevin Costner not only demonstrates his personal affinity for the area but also highlights the potential for growth and development in the local entertainment industry. This exciting venture not only creates job opportunities but also attracts visitors from far and wide. The addition of a Costner-themed restaurant and guided tours promises a unique and immersive experience for fans and movie enthusiasts alike.

Costner’s commitment to southern Utah underscores the beauty and potential of the region. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact his new film studio will have on the community, bringing more jobs, tourism, and a vibrant entertainment scene to this stunning part of the country.