Kelly Osbourne appeared calm and collected as she pushed her infant son in a stroller to a friend’s house in Los Angeles this week.

Kelly Osbourne and her son haven’t been seen together since Sydney’s birth in November. The 38-year-old television star was spotted in Los Angeles pushing her son up a hill in a black Doona car seat and stroller combo on her way to a friend’s house.

Her baby, whom she shares with her musician partner Sid Wilson, was obscured by the stroller’s safety netting.

The former Osbournes member donned camouflage leggings and a black hoodie, which she paired with black low-top Converse sneakers.

She pulled a small black Chanel purse and a black Prada diaper bag over her shoulder, grinning. She finished off her ensemble with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses with a thick black frame.

Kelly wore the amusing spectacles when she announced her pregnancy with Slipknot’s turntablist in May 2022. “I know I’ve been rather quiet lately, so I thought I’d explain why,” she explained.

“I am overjoyed to announce that I will soon become a mommy. Saying I’m relieved isn’t quite enough.” “I am happy!” she shouted, holding up a selfie of her sonogram and sporting thick-framed spectacles.

She kept her pregnancy private, but in September 2022, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. “During my pregnancy, I have not craved anything other than sugar, which I have never done.”

“I wasn’t eating well,” she said after telling other expectant moms that it is not their fault if they are also diagnosed. “The major things I knew were bad for me were juice and sugary drinks because they had far more sugar than I needed, even though I was drinking freshly squeezed juice.”

Despite a Page Six report showing her on her way to the hospital, Kelly never announced when she gave birth to her baby. Sharon Osbourne, her 70-year-old mother, was the one who announced that she had given birth to a boy. They’re doing wonderfully well.

Sharon hailed Kelly, her child, and Sid as “really great” during an early January edition of the British chat show The Talk. “I’m pretty proud of her.”

Kelly was displeased with her mother on her Instagram Story the next day. “I am not ready to share him with the world,” she wrote over a purple background. “I should only share any information on my baby,” the speaker stated.

Paradoxically, her father, 74-year-old Black Sabbath guitarist Ozzy Osbourne, could not keep the pregnancy a secret. “He tells everyone he meets how happy he is that she’s having a boy,” a source close to the family told. “He is ecstatic, and Kelly appreciates how happy it has made him.”