Kelly McGillis made a rare public appearance in North Carolina.

The former actress was seen leaving a church in Hendersonville wearing an oversized blouse, loose-fitting leggings, and flip-flops.

The 62-year-old actress also looked unrecognizable from her appearances in classic films such as Witness from 1985 and Top Gun from 1986, in which she flaunted her famed physique and good looks.

The group unveiled a larger version of the Golden Globe winner, implying that age may have played a role in McGillis’ new fuller form.

However, the Winter People actress appeared happy and healthy after leaving Hollywood for a quiet country life.

McGillis made her acting debut in the comedy-drama Reuben, Reuben after graduating from the prestigious Juilliard School in 1983.

Her big break came two years later in Peter Weir’s suspenseful thriller Witness, in which she played an Amish widow opposite Harrison Ford.

She rose to prominence in the year following Top Gun.

She played Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood, an astronomer and professor who falls for Tom Cruise’s character, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

Despite a $15 million production budget, the film grossed $356 million at the box office.

McGillis appeared as a lawyer representing a rape victim in The Accused, a 1988 film starring Jodie Foster, who won the Best Actress Oscar.

McGillis felt obligated to relate her account of being raped by two strangers when the film was released because she had experienced a similar event to Foster’s character.

“For the first two weeks after the incident, I could not eat or sleep.” McGillis revealed to People in 1988 that she was constantly twitching. “I couldn’t stop the gasps that came out of nowhere.”

“When the project was finished, it was as if a monster had been exorcised, but I still had difficulty telling my story in public because I was terrified,” the author explained.

McGillis struggled to find work in television movies and critically panned films like North after The Accused.

Her personal life was also suffering from having to deal with her drug addiction and open homosexuality.

Nonetheless, after moving to Pennsylvania in 2002, she and her two daughters found it enjoyable to live in the shadows.

McGillis is now dabbling in acting on the side, having appeared in the vampire film Stake Land and the Showtime drama The L-Word.