Kanye West’s “wife,” Bianca Censori, has come under fire from frightened Italians for wearing revealing apparel while the couple was in their nation.

Last week, the Australian architect, 28, and Kanye, 46, relocated to Italy. She appeared in public on several occasions while wearing mesh attire that exposed her naked breasts.

Locals in Italy have already labeled the Kim Kardashian clone’s dress as ‘disrespectful’ on social media, with others stating Bianca and Kanye were unwelcome in a country famed for its traditional Catholic background due to their ‘immodest’ attire.

“We don’t need this trash in Italy,” one Italian user said, while another branded Bianca’s outfit as “vulgar” and “classless.”

Users from all across the world agreed, with one commenting, “Planning a vacation to Italy, I have read multiple times that Italians are quite trendy and are fairly conservative in their wardrobe choices.” I’m curious what people think of this exhibitionist.

There’s no doubt that the refined Italians will be unimpressed. What a colossal flop! Someone else said, “The Italians will be horrified,” as someone else wrote.

“This is sexy at home between adults, but trashy in public,” remarked another, adding Bianca should dress appropriately for a conservative Catholic nation.

They alleged that someone forgot to warn the former “Reverend” Kanye that they were in a strict Catholic country and not in Miami or New York City.

“Extremely disrespectful and nasty attire. It makes no difference if she allows him to clothe her. I thought Italy was one of the European countries where incorrect clothing may result in legal action.” One individual expressed concern, while another complained that going out practically totally naked was “hugely disrespectful to other people.”

Bianca was photographed dining with Kanye in Florence on Wednesday, wearing a see-through mesh top that showed her bare breasts, a low-waist maxi dress, and no shoes.

The next day, she stepped out barefoot once more, but this time she was wearing black leggings and a skimpy bikini top that barely covered her nipples.

Bianca put on another risqué show on Saturday, exploring Tuscany with Kanye while wearing a see-through unitard and high heels.

Her bare breasts were once again apparent through the diaphanous, tight clothes.

Kanye and Bianca married in a tiny ceremony in Beverly Hills in January, almost two months after the rapper’s divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalized.

However, because they did not file a marriage certificate, the validity of their relationship is called into question.

Bianca previously worked for Kanye’s design firm, Yeezy, and has a degree in architecture.

She began working for the company in 2020, according to Marie Claire. Yeezy may or may not still employ her.