Famous pop artist Justin Bieber and iconic night show host James Corden wear sweatpants for their new dancing class. We, the viewers, get to observe how everything plays out when the unexpected teacher surprises the two celebrities.

While you’ve probably heard of Jazzercise and choreography, you’ve probably never heard of Toddlerography. Justin and Corden must learn a new dance from a little girl while Justin Bieber’s popular song “Baby” plays in the background.

Several toddlers lead the way as they form up to teach these two the moves that fit with Justin’s song. While some children take it more seriously, others enjoy themselves during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The toddlers manage to lead the way and have a great time with James and Justin thanks to cartwheels, floss, and a lot of bouncing. The dancing eventually takes its toll on Corden, prompting them to take a breath and blow some bubbles to unwind.