Julie Goodyear, a Coronation Street actress, is a true soap opera legend.

Bet Lynch was a forceful and scene-stealing character in the longest-running ITV soap serial from 1966, played by the actress who turned 80 on March 29.

The vivacious blonde made her debut for only nine episodes before returning as a regular in 1970. She didn’t leave the cobblestones until 1995, when it was revealed she was suffering from cervical cancer.

Julie made her last television appearance in 2006, when she bravely entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.

She also appeared on the television show Revolver in the early 2000s.

Where is the star now, and how does she look, years after her time on Corrie?

Julie will always be known as Bet Lynch.

With her iconic beehive haircut, stunning appearance, and forthright demeanor when dealing with Rovers Return guests, she was the epitome of a buxom barmaid.

However, Julie admitted her misgivings during an interview on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, adding, “I was asked to go back as a favor.”

“So, yeah, I regret coming back.”

“What someone had omitted to notify me throughout the transition period are all the changes that had transpired,” the star remarked.

Julie was significantly different from the Coronation Street figure that viewers were familiar with during her stay at the Borehamwood Bungalow.

That year, Julian Clary won the competition, and the series launched in 2012.

Julie was a popular roommate, but she didn’t capture the nation’s heart in the same manner and was the eighth competitor to be eliminated.

In one memorable task, the actress dressed up like one of her favorite soap characters and pretended to have a furious argument with housemate Cheryl Fergison (Heather from EastEnders).

Both were accomplished soap opera actors and the ideal housemates for the part, which required Julie to fabricate an affair with one of Cheryl’s ex-boyfriends.

Their housemates were shocked by the dramatic brawl, especially when Julie began to fling a drink in Cheryl’s face.

Theatrics helped the group win a party with a soap opera theme that night.

Julie may be seen in one screenshot wearing comfortable loungewear and putting her blonde hair back into a manageable ponytail during her time at home.

For the first time in years, the actress decided to wear little to no makeup.

Julie was a successful 60s model in her early to mid-20s who embodied the babydoll look.

The diva didn’t think twice about striking a pose for the camera with her platinum-blonde hair in a bouncy curl.

The well-known soap queen appears in a number of different photographs from the time, allowing her huge bust to almost flow out of her underwear while wearing frilly dresses and tight camisole tops.

Julie was always upbeat, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed back then, and she had no idea what her future on ITV might hold.

In one of her childhood photos, Julie opted to stand next to a traditional plush dog.

The actress exhibited her endowments while staying the professional her fans have come to know and love as she smiled for the camera while snuggling up to the soft toy.

Another photo shows the legendary Corrie actress wearing her hair in pigtails with little bow ties.

Julie posed in a long-sleeved black lace dress and matching black heels, her face resting on her hand.

Julie decided to hold a giant brown teddy bear in her arms in a different shot taken a few years earlier, having a short layered haircut and fixedly staring into the distance.

Julie was dressed modestly for the session, with flick eyeliner, minimal jewelry, and a sleeveless top.

In a different attitude, the actress’s hair was similarly curly-lengthened, but it was clear that she had recently departed the 1950s because she was wearing a classic pair of cut-off white pants and a short stripy top that revealed her tummy.

Julie, who has always been a fashionista in show business, wore a black pencil skirt and a sleeveless shirt with a sewn-on black bow for another shot during the same photo shoot.

Julie had perfectly acclimated to her new surroundings after a few years.

One photo collection shows the actress’ actual personality, which is much more evident in her Corrie character.

The former model wore bright red lipstick, colorful cosmetics, and wild, layered hairdo.

The beloved soap opera character would jet off on sunny vacations wearing headbands, mesh string beachwear, and shell jewelry.

Julie was posing for photos on the beach while carrying exotic cocktails after gaining confidence.

Julie has been married four times since her birth in Bury, Lancashire, in her early forties.

She married Ray Sutcliffe for the first time at the age of 17 after falling pregnant with her son Gary.

But when the star met Scott Brand, she found true love, and the couple married in 2007.

No one can play a demanding bartender like Julie Goodyear, who is regularly seen with her prop cigarette holder and martini in hand, dishing out her trademark insightful advice.

This gorgeous lady is one of the most recognizable soap opera characters ever to appear on television.

Julie and Scott are happy together, despite the fact that the soap veteran has stepped away from the spotlight in recent years for smaller roles and projects.

Her three grandchildren keep the actress busy.

Just Julie, the former model’s autobiography, was published shortly after her Big Brother tenure and includes her colorful background, bisexuality, health, and, of course, portraying Bet Lynch for which she earned a Lifetime Achievement Award at the first National Television Awards.