Great-grandmother, 105, breaks world record for fastest 100-meter run at US Senior Games

Julia Hawkins, also known as “the Hurricane,” is a remarkable woman who refuses to let her age define her abilities. At the age of 105, she shattered records and set a world record for the fastest 100-meter run at the Louisiana Senior Games. And guess what? Now, at 107, she shows no signs of slowing down!

Despite what you may think, running wasn’t always a part of Julia’s life. It was actually one of her children who suggested she try the 100-yard dash when she turned 100, aiming to complete it in under 100 seconds. But Julia surpassed that goal with flying colors!

Fast forward to the 2021 Louisiana Senior Games, Julia aimed to complete the dash in under a minute. Although she finished just over 62 seconds, she still did an amazing job considering the weather conditions that day – it was windy and freezing cold! Julia humbly admits, “I have done much better than that.”

But what made her race even more heartwarming was the presence of her old students, now 90 years old, cheering her on from the sidelines. It’s a testament to the impact she had as a retired teacher. Julia jokingly says, “That tells you how old I am.”

While she didn’t achieve her goal of completing the dash in under a minute, Julia proudly won the title for the fastest 100-meter dash in the 105+ years category. It’s no surprise to her family that she emerged victorious. They were thrilled she took home the gold and broke the world record for her magnificent achievement!

Julia’s life isn’t just about running. She finds joy in gardening and cherishing moments with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Family has always been important to her. She fondly remembers her beloved husband, Murray Hawkins, whom she was married to for an incredible 70 years before his passing. Their love story began in extraordinary circumstances, as they got hitched over the telephone! Murray was in Pearl Harbor when it was bombed, and they tied the knot through this unusual method. Julia recalls the journey to legalize their marriage, saying, “My father-in-law went with me to Baton Rouge to see if it was legal in Louisiana. And it was. So we were married by telephone.”

As Julia continues to age gracefully, she imparts her wisdom on others. She encourages everyone to seek out the “magic moments” in life – those rare occurrences that take your breath away. It could be as simple as a stunning sunrise, a captivating sunset, or even a shooting star. Julia believes that these awe-inspiring moments are worth paying attention to, regardless of your wealth or status. All it takes is a keen eye and an open heart to observe and appreciate the world around you.

What a remarkable woman Julia Hawkins is! Her story truly inspires us all. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this incredible woman in the comments below!