When he was younger, John Ritter was one of the most famous faces in Hollywood. The actor was well-known for his humorous performances and played several memorable roles!

Jason Ritten (his spitting image) now carries on his father’s heritage!

You probably knew who John Ritter was if you liked comedy movies or shows. The actor was best known for his work in “Three’s Company,” “Skin Deep,” and the film series “Problem Child.”

But, away from the cameras and the silver screen, he was a true family man. He married actress Nancy Morgan in 1977, and the pair had three children: Jason, Carly, and Tyler.

After nearly two decades of happy marriage, the couple separated and divorced. Even after their divorce, the couple was always grateful for marrying each other and having their lovely children.

Their offspring, like their renowned parents, all pursued jobs in Hollywood. Tyler Ritter was in the 2014 sitcom “The McCarthys.” He also starred in the CW show “Arrow.”

Carly Ritter, his sister, is also an actress and singer. In 2013, she published an album that received widespread praise. Jason Ritter, their brother, has also had a great career in Hollywood.

His first role was in the opening credits scene of “Three’s Company,” a film his father was working on.

Morgan and John Ritter had Jason Ritter while the late actor was filming on a show called “Hero at Large.” When his son was born, John asked the costume designer if they could build a replica of his costume.

Marty Davidson, the director, recalled the charming occurrence, adding, “My wife, Sandy, was the costume designer on it… [She] created a little Captain Avenger suit, similar to what John wore in the film.”

Later, on Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show,” John Ritter discussed the incident and presented the matching outfits, making sure to thank Sandy. Davidson said, “It was one of the happiest nights of my wife’s life.”

That’s precisely the type of person John Ritter was: thoughtful and compassionate.

He divorced his first wife in 1997 and married actress Amy Yasbeck in 2000.

Stella Ritter was the name given to the couple’s kid. Stella later came out as a transgender guy and changed into Noah Ritter. Noah Ritter is close with his three half-siblings from John’s first marriage.

But catastrophe struck in 2003. While filming a show, John Ritter died at 53 from an undiagnosed cardiac ailment. His demise came as a shock to everyone who knew him and his followers.

Jason Ritter has followed in his father’s footsteps, taking on roles that would make his father happy. The actor’s roles in programs including “Parenthood,” “Joan of Arcadia,” and “Raising Dion” have gained him widespread fame.

He met actress Melanie Lynskey while working on the film “We’ll Never Have Paris” in 2014. They fell in love instantly and were engaged in 2017. They had a daughter in 2018 and married in 2020, and they couldn’t be happier.

Jason, like his father, is a well-liked member of the family. His wife Melanie posted a picture with the caption, “This is a belated Father’s Day post to thank [Jason]. Thank you for being there for us every day, my love.” We are pretty fortunate.”

The pair maintains a low profile and never posts photos of their daughter’s face online. They prefer to keep things simple. Jason’s proposal was equally straightforward; he popped the question while the couple sat on a couch together, enjoying each other’s company.

Their wedding was also simple. The couple married on the porch of their rented home.

While the couple keeps their personal lives private, they are open about their parenting style, which he learned from his father. “[My dad] always made sure we knew we were loved,” Jason remarked in an interview. You may pass on many things to your children, but the feeling of unconditional love is extremely vital.”

He claimed that as a boy, he was playing with his father’s Emmy Award and accidentally shattered the tip of its wing. His father, on the other hand, was unconcerned. Jason appears to have opted to follow in his father’s footsteps and be kind and calm with his daughter.

His care and devotion extend not just to his daughter but also to her mother. Melanie Lynskey, his wife, is also the object of his adoration. While Jason keeps a modest profile on social media regarding his personal life, he is prominent when it comes to those attacking his wife.

When Melanie’s weight was mocked online, Jason tweeted, “If anyone has any further unsolicited comments about anybody else’s body, they can feel free to write them in permanent ink onto their own foreheads and swan dive directly into the sun.”

Later, he uploaded a photo of his wife on the red carpet for an award presentation, captioning it, “I am sorry to do this, and she will be embarrassed that I did this, but my GOODNESS, what an absolute beaut my wife is!!!” Okay, I’m sorry, but look at this human being,” with the picture.

He is telling everyone that he thinks his wife is stunning. What a devoted hubby!

In his short time on earth, John Ritter seemed to have done an excellent job with his children. And Jason Ritter is undoubtedly following in the footsteps of his father.

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