As the Oscars showcase the best of the movie industry, audiences were taken aback when John Cena made a surprising appearance on stage. Cena was there to present the award for “Best Costume Design,” but to everyone’s shock, he walked out completely naked, with only the winner card concealing his modesty.

In a bold move, Cena wanted to emphasize the importance of costumes in films. He stated, “Costumes are so important, maybe the most important part.” However, there was a slight concern about how he would read the winner’s name without revealing any spoilers.

Just as confusion loomed over the audience, backstage footage revealed a team of quick-change costume artists swiftly dressing Cena in a toga. This clever maneuver allowed him to proceed with presenting the award to a deserving winner.

The reaction to Cena’s unconventional appearance was divided. Some found it absolutely hilarious, appreciating his lightheartedness and theatricality. However, there were others, like conservative shock jock Benny Johnson, who criticized it as “the degradation of men continued.”

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