Liver problems caused the actor from Soul Man to pass away.

John Beasley, a renowned actor who made an impression in The Soul Man and Everwood, sadly passed away at 79.

On Tuesday, it was announced that John had experienced liver difficulties and had been sent to the hospital in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.

His health had “unexpectedly deteriorated.” His son Mike Beasley sent a touching message and a moving photo to Facebook to announce his father’s passing.

Mike gave a heartfelt homage to his father. “Although you know this is a fact of life, it still isn’t any easier,” he wrote. “Today, I lost my best friend. They advise against ever meeting your heroes since they often don’t turn out to be what you expected. Such a mistake. My father was a hero to me. I appreciate everything. I love you more.”

John started engaging in theater at a young age, which sparked his passion for performing. His first job was very different; he worked as a train clerk for the Union Pacific railroad for seven years, according to IMDb. However, he confessed that he clung tenaciously to the hope that his aspirations would come true.

He said, “I knew those things would come, even when I was in college,” adding that he didn’t think a college degree was necessary to accomplish his goals.

With 1989’s Rapid Fire serving as his debut performing credit, John’s acting career officially got underway. But his career took off when he landed a recurring part in the Oprah Winfrey-hosted sitcom Brewster Place.

John’s talent was showcased in well-known movies, including The Mighty Ducks from 1992, Crazy in Alabama from 1997, and The General’s Daughter from 1999.

John is probably best known for playing Irv Harper, the husband of Debra Mooney’s character Edna Harper, in the acclaimed TV series Everwood (2002–2006).

After Everwood, John worked with Cedric the Entertainer to charm viewers in the 2012 series The Soul Man, in which he portrayed Cedric’s character’s father, Barton Ballentine.

John continued to be involved in the theater even in the latter stages of his life. In October, he participated in the musical version of The Notebook produced by the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

John never lost his admiration for his work. He previously said to American Theatre, “To be a professional artist is the highest calling, and I appreciate wherever it takes me. Even if I never made it to Broadway, I would still consider my career fairly successful.”