John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have recently shared some exciting news – they have quietly welcomed their fourth child into the world! In a special announcement, the couple revealed that they had the help of a surrogate named Alexandra, who played a crucial role in their journey to expand their family.

The couple has been very open about their experiences with fertility and pregnancy loss in the past. Before the birth of their third child, they went through the heartbreak of losing a pregnancy. But now, they have been blessed with another beautiful addition to their family.

In a heartfelt blog post, Chrissy expressed her deep gratitude towards Alexandra, describing her as the most amazing, loving, and compassionate surrogate they could ever imagine. From the very beginning, Chrissy felt a strong connection with Alexandra and wanted her to be a significant part of their lives.

Throughout their journey, Alexandra underwent surgeries and faced various challenges to prepare for a second attempt at helping John and Chrissy have a baby. The couple was overjoyed when they found out that Alexandra was pregnant with a son. They celebrated together, forming a strong bond between their families.

On June 19, Chrissy shared a touching moment on Instagram – witnessing her friend and surrogate give birth. Despite the chaos of the moment, Chrissy described it as a beautiful experience filled with strength, joy, and love.

To show their immense gratitude to Alexandra, John and Chrissy decided to do something truly special. They named their newborn son Wren Alexander Stephens, a name that will forever connect him to his incredible surrogate.

The couple already has two older children, Luna and Miles, and welcomed their third daughter, Esti, just six months ago. Their family has grown bigger and happier with the arrival of their newest addition.

Let us all celebrate this wonderful news with John, Chrissy, and their growing family. Share the joy and spread the love!