The actor who played Jesus Christ in “The Passion of the Christ,” Jim Caviezel, has taken up a new cause.

In the currently playing movie “Sound of Freedom,” Caviezel plays the role of a former federal agent who fights to protect children from human trafficking.

In an interview with Fox News Digital while promoting the movie, in which he also appears alongside Bill Camp and Mira Sorvino, the actor discussed the faults of contemporary Christianity.

According to Caviezel, “the issue is that contemporary Christianity has become so feeble and pointless.” In fact, many Christians are more frightened of the devil than of God. God is waiting on our decision even though he could easily annihilate the devil.

“…Christians in the current era are more frightened of the devil than they are of God. God is waiting on our decision even though he could easily annihilate the devil.”
Mr. Caviezel

According to Caviezel, Americans “don’t want” God in our schools and religion, which has caused “moral decay” in society.

“So, you are morally reprehensible. He said, “I mean, moral degeneration everywhere, falling apart. Laws are no longer meaningful. We need a First Amendment…Freedom of speech is no longer an option. Your reputation has been completely damaged, and the media has said that everyone is a racist.

Tim Ballard, a former federal agent, embarked on a mission to protect children from human trafficking, which served as the inspiration for the true-life story “Sound of Freedom,” which is based on his experiences. Ballard said to Fox News Digital that he “never dreamed” he would be able to share what he seen while trying to address the problem with the public.

“Really, it’s a sense of thankfulness that someone bothered to contact us and believed the tale was worthwhile. This isn’t the kind of movie you say, “Hey, entertainment value,” so it has to be someone who believes in it and is motivated by a purpose. These are heartfelt folks, you know.

“This movie really is based on a cause, so they have strong feelings about it.”

Co-star and producer Eduardo Verastegui told Fox News Digital that Caviezel was “amazing,” despite the fact that several performers turned down the lead part.

“They succeeded. And I think that everything happens for a reason, he continued. “Thank God they were approved; Jim Caviezel is fantastic. This man is passionate about it in addition to being an outstanding performer.

Caviezel claims that despite being frequently portrayed as “controversial,” he is not averse to speaking his thoughts.

He asked, “Why is what I say or talk on controversial? Though not all contentious figures are terrible, that is how you have been trained up to this point.

Caviezel demands that the films he chooses to act in have a “moral redemption.”

“The purpose God gave me in this business, I wanted to bring his light,” he said. And that doesn’t imply that I’m always his beacon in a particular field. And even though I wanted to do that, it doesn’t mean I won’t continue to play the devil in films. Just some type of moral atonement is required.

While describing the parts he will play, Caviezel continued, “But the math is so wrong now. Simply put, “It just seems like [the devil’s] evil is winning right now.”

When this is finished, I might not have any friends around, but I’ll still have [God],” Caviezel said. He will not abandon me. That’s when I’ll be staring at him. At least I did the best I could to represent God and my heavenly Father when I do leave this planet. And I want everyone to know how much I adore him. And perhaps that’s bad for them. But to them, not to me.

The star of “The Count of Monte Cristo” is not “worried about” winning over his audience. Many, many people can like you, according to Caviezel. But they don’t love you. God is the source of love.

Ballard hopes that “Sound of Freedom” would motivate readers to support the cause. Ballard said that the film offers information and a chance for viewers to “intervene” and put a stop to child trafficking.

Ballard remembers Alejandro Monteverde remarking, “I hope this movie really only begins when you all leave the theater,” at the film’s premiere. “And it is our intention that they will think about it the following day, the following day, and the next day. And we are obligated to construct.

We’re currently constructing the landing pads in the back so that when they inevitably start to question what to do, they may turn to us. Here are some ways you can help put an end to this terrible disease that is impacting so many children, as well as some resources and chances for you to speak up, be heard, and take action.

Caviezel wants viewers to leave the movie feeling motivated.

The actor remarked, “That inspiration inspires you to have courage in this new world that we’re in right now.”