Will Smith’s move at the Oscars is strongly criticized by Jim Carrey. After hitting comedic star Chris Rock, famous actor Will Smith surprised the entire world. Jim Carrey slammed Smith’s gesture and threatened to sue him.

Will Smith’s Oscar’s gesture was strongly condemned by Jim Carrey: “I was enraged. He should’ve been led away from the room.”

Jim Carrey, an actor, slammed the Hollywood audience for applauding Will Smith when he won the Academy Award for Best Actor. Will Smith’s gesture, according to Carrey, sickened him.

Remember how the actor assaulted Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife? “It was just brought to our attention at the time. Those standing ovations sickened me.

Hollywood is just devoid of the people’s backbone, and I took that gesture as a clear sign that we were no longer a hip club. Instead, I would have announced (Chris Rock) this morning.

“I’m going to sue Will Smith for $ 200 million because that footage will be available forever, it’ll be everywhere,” CBS journalist Gayle King told Jim Carre.

Given the fact that the incident was watched by millions of people, Carrey believes Will Smith should not have made that move. “It was just brought to our attention at the time.

It’s fine if you want to yell from the audience, voice your displeasure, or tweet something. However, you do not have the right to walk onto a stage and slap someone across the face simply because they spoke a few words.

“That slap seemed to come out of nowhere because something was bothering Will at the time. All I can do is wish them luck. Will Smith is not someone I dislike.

He accomplished great things, but it was not a happy period for him. That evening, it clouded everyone’s wonderful moment. It was a selfish moment, to be sure “Jim Carrey, the actor, stated.

After getting hit by Will Smith, Chris Rock’s first reaction was to laugh.

Will Smith hit Chris Rock on the Oscar stage in front of millions of viewers? Chris shared his initial thoughts on the occurrence that shocked the American Film Academy and the public.

During a gig in Boston on Wednesday night, the actor discussed the incident. He told the crowd that the gags for the event were written before the incident and that “I’m still digesting what occurred.”

“That nonsense will be discussed at some point. It will be a serious situation. It will be amusing, but for the time being, I’ll tell some jokes “, the comedian stated to the audience’s delight.

Will Smith stood up, ascended the stage, and smacked Chris Rock when he made a joke about his wife, Jade Pinkett Smith, during the Oscars.

Smith went on to win his first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Serena and Venus Williams’ father in King Richard. After apologizing to the American Film Academy, Smith publicly apologized to Chris Rock.