If there’s one celebrity who continues to captivate at the age of 52, it’s Jennifer Lopez. The stunning star possesses a beauty and charisma that draws everyone in. But where does she get it from? Well, according to JLo herself, it’s all thanks to her mother, Guadalupe.

At 76 years old, Guadalupe defies her age. Her attractive, intelligent, and elegant demeanor makes it hard to believe she is actually a septuagenarian. Jennifer has always been vocal about her gratitude towards her mother, acknowledging that her good looks are a result of her genes.

Not only is Guadalupe a timeless beauty, but she’s also an active and energetic woman. She frequently joins her daughter in dancing, hits the gym regularly, follows a strict diet, and maintains a healthy lifestyle. In addition to her own self-care regimen, she even takes care of her grandchildren. Truly, age is just a number for this incredible woman.

While some critics speculate that Jennifer’s youthful appearance is a result of plastic surgery, the star vehemently denies such rumors. She insists that every aspect of her appearance is entirely natural. In fact, she goes so far as to share makeup-free photos to prove it. It’s clear that her beauty is a gift from her mother, not the work of a surgeon’s hand.

And when you look at the two of them side by side, the resemblance is undeniable. They share a strong family bond, and their beauty is just one part of their incredible connection. Jennifer’s stunning looks are not only a testament to her own genetics but also a tribute to the timeless beauty of her mother.

So, the next time you find yourself in awe of Jennifer Lopez’s ageless charm, remember that it’s a legacy passed down from her mother, Guadalupe. True beauty knows no bounds, and nothing exemplifies that more than this extraordinary mother-daughter duo.