Country singer Jason Aldean faces immense backlash for new song and music video - now he is responding back

Country singer Jason Aldean’s latest song, “Try That in a Small Town,” has sparked significant controversy, with accusations of racism and being “pro-lynching.” Amidst the backlash, Aldean has decided to address these accusations. Keep reading to find out more.

Accusations and Response

CMT pulled the music video for Aldean’s song after accusations that it promoted racism and lynching. The singer took to social media to defend himself, expressing his disappointment with the baseless and dangerous allegations.

Historical Significance in the Music Video

The music video for “Try That in a Small Town” featured Aldean performing in front of the Maury County Courthouse in Tennessee, with an American flag draped over the entrance. This location holds historical significance as it was where an African-American man named Henry Choate was lynched in the 1920s. However, Aldean denies any intentional reference to race in his song and video.

Understanding the Song’s Meaning

Critics have labeled the song as contemptible, and some social media users have accused Aldean of being a racist. However, the singer clarifies that the lyrics do not reference race, but rather reflect the sense of community he experienced while growing up. Aldean emphasizes that the song is about the desire for a return to a sense of normalcy in the country.

Previous Controversies

This is not the first time Aldean has faced backlash. In 2021, his publicity firm dropped him after his wife made transphobic comments on Instagram. Aldean defended his wife’s remarks, which further fueled the controversy.

Backlash Amidst the Highway Desperado Tour

All this criticism comes during Aldean’s Highway Desperado tour, which began on July 14th. Unfortunately, on the second day of the tour, Aldean was hospitalized due to heatstroke, forcing him to reschedule his performance. The singer’s fans eagerly await the announcement of a new concert date.

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