Fans of the television series “Duck Dynasty” were quick to notice Jase Robertson’s epically long beard and braids, just as they had done with the rest of the cast members of the program, who also sported longer haircuts and facial hair.

The reality TV star, who is now 48 years old, unexpectedly decided to shave his distinctive appearance in September 2017. As a result, he became a model for effectively participating in the witness protection program.

In other words, he became a living example of how to participate in the program effectively. (If you were watching, you probably saw that he was out and about wearing a T-shirt that said, “YETI,” and you might have even said something about it.)

Robertson did not choose his current appearance hurriedly while he was in the thick of a stressful scenario. The reason for his new appearance was far more critical than its outward manifestation.

All of these activities were carried out to support the fund’s fundraising efforts, according to the information that can be found on the website of the nonprofit organization known as the Mia Moo Fund.

As stated in the mission statement of the Mia Moo Fund, the organization is “committed to increasing awareness and funding towards research, therapies, and causes of cleft lip and palate.” The mission statement is intended to signify this.

After Mia’s successful cleft palate surgery in 2014, he started the charity foundation he had considered. This choice was made once Mia’s treatment was successful.

Robertson had a chance before coming back in 2022 as the host the program “Duck Family Treasure.” Robertson’s nickname at the time was “Ducky.” Viewers get a first-person view of Robertson and his family’s adventure as they search for a hidden treasure during the series.