Janine Tate, Andrew Tate’s sister, is ideologically and geographically separated from her aggressive elder brother. She holds dual US-UK citizenship and a law degree from the US.

Janine Tate has no ties to her brothers Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate’s run-ins with Romanian authorities. According to previous interviews, the TikTok star is unlikely to seek assistance from his lawyer sister.

In contrast to her brother, who made a fortune by exposing his life and opinions online, the lawyer lives in the middle of America with her husband and son. The rising legal star was named to the 2019 Superlawyers Rising Stars list.

Janine Tate was born in Chicago to a British mother, Eileen Tate, and an African-American air force veteran father, Emory Andrew Tate II. She is the sole child of two elder brothers.

After her marriage ended, Eileen returned to England with her three children in the late 1990s. The family lived on a social estate in Luton, Bedfordshire, near relatives.

Janine Tate, the youngest, received her law degree from the University of Kentucky J. David Rosenberg College of Law and plans to practice in Kentucky, focusing on healthcare and insurance defense.

The TikTok content creator revealed his relationship with his younger sibling in October 2022. His brother Tristan is his best friend and business partner, but he rarely speaks to his sister Janine. He didn’t seem to know where she lived.

Following the search of Andrew’s home by Romanian police in April 2022, a British tabloid ran an expose on a claimed schism in the Tate family.

Andrew Tate appreciated his father’s perspective, which he defined as “based on things with a masculine edge.” Andrew feels his sister may have picked up on their father’s lessons, but Janine did not seem to connect with it as strongly as her brothers.

Andrew listed gender as one of the reasons he did not feel close to his younger sibling. During a sit-down with Valueentertainment, the evicted “Big Brother” star remarked repeatedly that he wishes her “the absolute best” and mentioned that he loved her in another interview.

Close family members in the United States disagreed with Andrew’s attitude on mental health and refused to interact with his branch of the family. Some Luton relatives dismissed his opinions and respected his determination to climb above his poor beginnings.

Janine lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with her husband, Norman Webb, with whom she has one kid. She adopted her husband’s surname.

In 2019, Norman received his doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Kentucky. Norman, according to his Instagram bio, is a “fitness and nutrition enthusiast” who is training to be a bodybuilder.

Andrew, who frequently posts with a cigar between his fingers, described his brother-in-law as a “nice guy” but expressed disappointment that he did not smoke. The TikTok star claimed that Norman was “funny enough,” and that he had nothing negative to say about him.

Janine used to use the handle @janinetate_xo on Instagram, but she has since deleted her profile and changed the privacy settings on her Facebook page. Norman’s social media networks have been privatized as well. Andrew’s Twitter account was temporarily restored by Elon Musk.