Jamie Foxx, the popular actor and singer, is facing a serious accusation of sexual assault. An unnamed woman has filed a lawsuit alleging that Foxx assaulted her in August 2015 while they were both at Catch NYC & Roof. The incident has come to light now, and the lawsuit is seeking compensatory and punitive damages from Foxx, Catch, and its employees.

According to the woman’s claims, she spotted Foxx sitting nearby at the establishment on the same night. Around 1 a.m., she approached Foxx to ask for a photo, and he consented. However, she alleges that Foxx then made inappropriate comments about her body and compared her to Gabrielle Union.

The situation escalated when Foxx reportedly took the woman to the back of the rooftop. There, he allegedly touched her inappropriately, first caressing her breasts under her shirt and then putting his hands in her pants. The woman claims that she tried to pull away when she noticed a security guard and others witnessing the assault. Only when her friends appeared did Foxx reportedly stop.

The woman sought medical attention following the incident and underwent treatment. Foxx has not yet responded to the lawsuit or the allegations.

This is a developing story, and we will provide updates as new information becomes available.

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