Jaclyn Smith, the beloved 77-year-old American actress, continues to defy aging with her youthful appearance. Recently, she took to Instagram to share images of herself showcasing her impeccable style. Known for her iconic role as Kelly Garrett in the hit television series Charlie’s Angels, Smith effortlessly paired her ensemble with pieces from her JS for Nordstrom Rack collection, including a cozy sweater and cardigan.

After an impressive 36-year tenure with Kmart, this award-winning actress and businesswoman collaborated with Nordstrom Rack to create an exquisite fall line. In her most recent post, Smith radiates beauty in a cream-colored ribbed knit cardigan. The sweater features gently puffed sleeves, adding a touch of elegance to her look. She effortlessly accessorizes with white pants and tastefully chosen gold jewelry, including stunning pendants, chokers, and chains. Her polished attire is completed by eye-catching bangles, bracelets, and rings.

Smith is renowned for her luscious black hair, which she enhances with honey and gold highlights. She gracefully styles her layered locks into casual yet lovely waves. In the caption of one of her images, she describes the versatility of the cardigan, stating, “You can style this flexible, lightweight V-neck cardigan as a layering piece or wear it on its own.”

Another image showcases her timeless fashion sense as she dons a camel-colored knit sweater with fashionable balloon sleeves. Paired with charcoal black jeans, this ensemble exudes effortless sophistication. Smith punctuates her outfit with a stunning pair of emerald-stone and gold-hoop earrings. Clutching her wedding bands and a diamond signet ring, she exudes grace and poise.

Aside from her fashion choices, Smith has also revealed some of her secrets to maintaining her youthful appearance. One of her go-to components is a refreshing green smoothie, which she claims helps keep her feeling and looking vibrant.

Away from the spotlight, Smith’s personal life is equally fascinating. She has been happily married to heart surgeon Brad Allen for 25 years, a milestone they celebrated in 1997. Prior to this, Smith was married to director of photography Anthony B. Richmond with whom she has two children.

Her son Gaston, a talented cinematographer like his father, has made a name for himself in the film industry, appearing in notable films such as Chasing Mavericks, The Kids Are All Right, and Annabelle. Smith’s daughter, Spencer Margaret, follows in her mother’s footsteps as a fashion designer and is happily married to Fran Kranz.

In addition to her various roles and accomplishments, Smith takes great joy in being a doting grandmother. She cherishes her two grandchildren – six-year-old Bea, daughter of Spencer, and three-year-old Olivia Rose, daughter of Gaston. Family remains an essential pillar of her life, as she embraces the joys and love they bring.

Jaclyn Smith continues to inspire and captivate both on and off the screen. Her timeless style, grace, and dedication to her craft have solidified her as a true icon. As she embarks on this new chapter, her fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this remarkable actress and businesswoman.