Love involves making sacrifices. It requires consistent work. It implies giving. It shows compassion and understanding. Love is not egotistical, arrogant, angry, or vengeful. Love implies evolving with the person with whom you share the same vision.

Getting things done together. Overcoming all difficulties, even when it appears impossible and everything seems to be lost. That’s when your endurance is put to the test. People learn and grow under those circumstances, not when they are happy or having a good time.

In a really creative way, this man showed his girlfriend that he truly loves her. He fully committed to a true journey with a clear goal. Her response is priceless.

In 2011, when their relationship started, Kristina and Matthew went on their first date. They had a great time together, laughed a lot, and cherished every second. The families met, and engaged in a variety of activities, such as traveling, seeing new places, and getting to know one another better and better as time went on, strengthening that special connection with each passing moment.

After five years of dating, Matthew thought it was time to make the big move and propose to Kristina. She was the ideal partner for him, and he had an inexpressibly deep and unconditional love for her.

What exactly did Matthew do? So, he traveled, or more exactly, crossed state lines, to meet with the girl’s family and get their approval. He came up with a practical strategy for a project titled “How to make your girlfriend cry.”

Isn’t it quite innovative and meaningful? We can promise you that he succeeded in his endeavor, but in a good way. Knowing how much her father meant to him and his future bride, he recorded himself as he set off on the trip with his friends, visiting Kristina’s mother, grandmother, and, of course, her father’s grave.

Under a show of respect for the father, he assured him that his daughter would always be in his care now that she will become his wife. Everything was presented as a video, and at the end, Kristina dashed up to Matthew, who was ready to ask the big question. Despite crying, she responded “Yes.” Share the video with your loved ones and be sure to watch it all the way through because it’s a very wonderful moment.