Do the This Morning hosts genuinely “barely speak” any more behind the scenes?

The rush of rumors of a schism between Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, two mainstays of British television, has created quite a stir.

The hosts of ITV’s This Morning and Dancing On Ice were formerly claimed to be great friends, but according to tabloid stories, recently something has allegedly come between them and they no longer speak much.

Here is what we currently know.

When allegedly did Holly and Phil’s falling out start?
The two anchors allegedly “barely speak” off camera, according to a report that appeared in The Sun on May 10. Their friendship has reportedly “cooled,” according to unnamed people who spoke to the newspaper, after disagreements that have “rumbled on for some time.”

In this argument, there was talk over whether they would remain co-hosts. She would want to stay if he left, an insider allegedly told the newspaper.

The Sun also claimed Holly had cut ties with Phil after his pedophile brother’s recent legal battle.

Timothy Schofield, Phil’s brother, was found guilty of 11 crimes involving children from 2016 to 2019 last month and is scheduled to be sentenced this week.

In a public statement he released on Instagram, Phil, who was absent from This Morning during the trial, criticized his brother and expressed satisfaction with the decision, writing: “As far as I am concerned, I no longer have a brother.”

On May 11, the MailOnline reported that Holly only learned that Phil’s brother had been charged with child sex offenses when he was not there for the broadcast. Phil allegedly failed to inform Holly of this.

According to the source, Phil refuted these allegations, calling them “completely untrue.”

Representatives for Holly have not responded to the accusations. However, Phil admitted to The Sun on May 11 that “neither of us” had it easy during the past three weeks.

“As I’ve already stated, Holly is my pillar.”

“We are the greatest of friends, and she is always a huge help on set, in the background, and over the phone.”

“Holly has always supported me, through good times and bad. And I have supported her.”

“Neither of us has found the past few weeks to be particularly easy.”

His support of Holly “meant the world to me,” he added, adding that his family had been through a “real ordeal.”

In addition, he mentioned that Holly had been “ill with shingles” since she missed a week of the show after his return, but “whatever happens, we still have each other to count on.”

Even though they appeared to be standing together on television, stories afterward claimed Holly was not aware Phillip was going to make such a declaration.

On May 12, a source told the MailOnline that Holly was “upset” by the decision.

This gave rise to rumors that the couple might not appear together on Monday’s episode, but in the end, they were going to be back together on the fabled sofa.

The two have dealt with several reports about alleged fallouts and crises over the course of their 14 years co-hosting This Morning, but have always tried to debunk them as fast as possible.

And in October 2020, months after coming out as gay in a live interview with Holly on the program, Phil denied the persistent rumors of their relationship that surfaced at the end of 2019, highlighting the fact that his co-host had been supportive of him during that period of time as he struggled with his sexuality.

He commented on the How To Wow podcast with Chris Evans: “There was nothing being said that had any reality at all. No dispute with Holly ever existed and never will.

We were closer than we should have been since I had revealed my secret and she was keeping me from losing it at work when they were composing “Phillip and Holly and Feud.”

Additionally, Holly stated in January 2022 that working “with a friend” is the only way to complete the daily two-and-a-half hours of live television.

They were also the subject of a media frenzy in September after it was claimed they “skipped” the 20-hour line to see the Queen’s coffin by claiming to be press. They attempted to rehabilitate their reputation by addressing the issue in public at the time.

The co-hosting pair of This Morning on Monday avoided mentioning the news despite the weekend’s plenty of rumors about their connection.

Additionally, Holly and Phil will present together until the end of July, after which they will each take their customary six-week summer vacation.

They are supposedly in discussions with ITV on what will happen after September.

According to certain speculations, Friday hosts Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond may have a bigger part in the show.

ITV executives have not yet made any official statements on the alleged rupture between the duo or their longer-term future on the show, with the exception of earlier assuring The Mirror that Holly and Phil will host Monday’s episode as usual.