Since she announced that she would be delaying her shows in Las Vegas due to her failing health in October 2021, Celine Dion has not appeared on stage. She hasn’t performed since then.

The singer has had to tearfully postpone and cancel a number of tour dates due to her “persistent muscle spasms,” which has devastated both the celebrity and her passionate fan base.

The majority of her devoted followers are still unaware of her present health predicament despite the fact that she has made a few social media posts in an effort to stay in touch with them.

Her sister, Claudette Dion, gave the French journal Voici the most in-depth explanation for her absence when she was interviewed. She stated, “It’s sad what’s going on with her right now. However, there is no need to fear because she would have informed me if there was a problem. Celine always seeks my assistance and confides in me when there is an issue. I am aware of her optimistic and upbeat mood.”

Celine must be in great pain over the fact that she has yet to make a victorious return to the scene of her career since she said those remarks in November 2021.

When she first admitted that she had health issues that were affecting her performance, she said that she was undergoing counseling for it and that she still does.

She stated that she had “really hoped that I’d be good to go by now,” but that she “supposes I just have to be more patient and follow the routine that my doctors are prescribing.” The following year, in January 2022, she announced that she would not be able to perform her Courage world tour for the same reason.

When she issued an announcement video to her YouTube channel explaining that the European tour would also need to be rescheduled, her audience’s dismay was only made worse.

The good news is that I’m doing a little bit better, she said, providing an upbeat update. To be clear, she was still experiencing some spasms during these chats. 

A ray of hope was provided in May when Celine revealed the updated dates for the Courage tour in Europe, with the leg’s start date in Prague set for February 24 and completion in October.

The fact that she hasn’t yet postponed or offered any additional information about these dates gives fans hope.