The ability of mothers to give birth to multiple babies at once has always astounded people. People are interested in it because it is unquestionably wonderful. Giving birth to more than one child is challenging.

In the summer of 2021, the story of Gosiame Thamara Sithole gained popularity. Her story astounded people all across the world.

However, the authorities decided to investigate her story to see if it was true because it seemed so unbelievable. It doesn’t seem to be true, which sparked a lot of debate all around the world.

A 37-year-old woman called Gosiame Thamara Sithole gave birth to 10 children at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in South Africa, according to a Pretoria News report from June 2021. Really stunning information, huh? This news simply had to spread quickly.

Publications and websites all across the world covered the news. People were shocked to learn that a mother had successfully delivered 10 babies. You most likely haven’t heard of such a thing very often, especially considering that this birth would have ranked first in the entire world according to the records.

The “Tembisa 10” were Gosiame’s offspring. Because Pretoria Story provided all the facts, the news appeared to be quite authentic and was incredibly fascinating to read. According to reports, Josiah delivered 7 boys and 3 girls via caesarean section. In addition, there were no fertility therapies used during the pregnancy.

Gosiame had said in June 2021 that she had been astonished by her pregnancy and that it had been quite tough for her. She had also said that she had been afraid, but she could not wait to see her children. She hoped to be able to deliver each child in good health.

The other individuals were so moved by the story that they rallied and donated $70,000 to support the parents in the coming months because raising 10 children is both challenging and expensive.

The story nevertheless remained fantastic and unreal.

The Gauteng Provincial Government has made the decision to investigate whether this rumor is accurate, and it appears that the babies never existed. At any hospital, they were unable to uncover any information.

They said that neither public nor private hospitals in the province had any documentation of these births on file. After learning these facts, the authorities decided to continue their investigation and discovered that the woman was not even pregnant.

When Gosiame was brought to the hospital, the medical staff discovered that she had not just been pregnant. The following inquiries were on everyone’s minds after it was determined that the woman was not at all pregnant and that the story was, in reality, a fraud.

How come they lied? Why would someone make up such a story? Who gained from this tale?

Even though it appeared that this story had ended, something unexpected happened.

The journalist who covered this miraculous delivery published a follow-up article in which he accused the government of wanting to cover the tale and keeping the public in the dark about the birth. The journalist claimed that rather than recognizing this birth, the authorities chose to cover it up and claim it never happened.

The authorities, who claimed that this birth did not actually occur, sued the writer and Pretoria News for making false and serious defamation claims against them.

Piet Rampedi, a journalist, later said that he had miscalculated and should not have released this report. Even though I continue to believe Sithole was pregnant, Piet said, “Some aspects of the tale should have been handled differently.”

“Am I capable of handling the situation much better? Definitely! in particular, the verification procedure. Sincerity be told, I never approached the decuplets case as a formal investigation. I didn’t utilize any checklists or investigation tools.”

Due to the fact that Piet and Gosiame attended the same church and first met in December 2020, they became friends. In an interview with Gosiame, Piet learned that she was carrying eight children. Piet was persuaded by the pregnant woman’s picture because of how large her tummy was.

Then, once Gosiame informed Piet that she had indeed given birth to 10 children, Piet believed her and released the information without conducting any additional study.

He trusted the Sithole family because he thought they had no reason to mislead him. Despite the fact that each article was investigated before publication, he envisioned not having to do so.

Piet undoubtedly had no idea that this piece would become viral in every country.

This experience teaches us that we should always put all information through a logical filter and not automatically believe everything we read and see online, in magazines, or in newspapers. The authorities made the choice to provide Gosiame with any necessary medical care.