Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan

It was a love story that captured the hearts of many. Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox promised to be there for each other through thick and thin, and they meant every word. But little did they know, their vows would be put to the test just three years into their marriage.

In 1991, Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a life-altering condition that would change their lives forever. Yet, Tracy Pollan remained by his side, ready to face the challenges together.

Their love story began on the set of the hit TV series Family Ties, where Pollan played Fox’s on-screen girlfriend. Their on-screen chemistry turned into a real-life romance, and they tied the knot in 1988, just as Fox’s career skyrocketed with the Back to the Future trilogy.

During his acceptance speech for the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in November 2022, Fox opened up about the emotional toll of his diagnosis and the uncertainty that came with it. But through it all, he expressed deep gratitude for Pollan’s unwavering support over the past 35 years.

In a heartfelt interview with People in March 2023, Fox and Pollan shared their secrets to a strong and lasting marriage. One key ingredient? Listening to each other’s needs and being there for one another, no matter what.

Even though the strain of Fox’s diagnosis could have pushed them apart, Pollan made a choice that surprised many. She chose to stand by her husband, reaffirming their love and commitment in the face of adversity.

During a recent CBS Mornings interview, Fox spoke glowingly about Pollan’s incredible support. He marveled at her strength and dedication, emphasizing how she had lived up to their wedding vows in ways he never expected.

Through it all, Pollan has been a pillar of strength, proving that true love knows no bounds. She embraced the challenges, showing the world what it means to be devoted, loyal, and faithful.

Tracy Pollan’s unexpected response to Michael J. Fox’s diagnosis is a testament to the power of love and the strength that comes from standing by someone’s side through the toughest of times. Their enduring bond serves as an inspiration for us all, reminding us that love conquers all, even in the face of adversity.