Anyone who has finally completed their education looks forward to graduation day. One’s loved ones come together to celebrate their accomplishment. But the joy was multiplied for this mother-daughter team because of what they had accomplished together.

A mother and daughter from the same family graduated from East Carolina University’s registered nurse program. This is the first time something similar has occurred, said the institution.

“They initially mistook us for sisters, and I had to clarify that I was the mother and we were working together,” according to Jessica Van Wagenen.

Van Wagenen, a former marine who is now retired, claimed that she postponed her aspirations to raise her daughters. But now, as luck would have it, she started pursuing those goals again, and her daughter did the same.

“We were always picking up and moving, and their dad was kind of in and out all the time, so I always believed the children needed some form of stability, the mother said. Therefore, I decided to forego attending college to give the kids as much stability as possible while staying at home.”

Keelin Van Wagenen, her daughter, expressed her pride in her mother for not giving up on her ambitions.

“I tell her every day that I’m proud of her, and she continued to do what she wanted to do,” the pleased daughter added.

The careers of both women have already started. Keelin, Jessica’s daughter, works as a pediatric nurse at ECU Health, while Jessica works as an operating room nurse for Carteret Healthcare.

“The memories of attending nursing school together will be treasured forever,” both women said. “It’s a lot of fun. Being able to share that with my daughter is extremely lovely.” Jessica chuckled, “We’ll always have that together.”

“It feels refreshing. I went with my mom when some traveled “with their siblings or significant others,” Keelin remarked with pride.

It is nice to watch this mother-daughter team working toward their objectives. Come assist us in assisting them as they enter the workforce!

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