The band posted a message on their Instagram account on Tuesday announcing his demise but leaving out the reason for his death. “For eleven wonderful years, he was our best friend and artistic soulmate.” The band’s surviving members, Jamie Hails, Rick Schneider, Jake Steinhauser, and Daniel Furnari, wrote that “those years will never be enough.”

“He was kind and wise, funny, brave, and creative, and his skill knew no limitations. He valued the arts and all forms of beauty.” Loudwire claims that Siew passed away on Monday, June 19.

Only a few months earlier, the musician had shared an Instagram photo of himself lying in a hospital bed. In a blog post from January, he wrote, “I’m happy to say I’m no longer on any anti-depressants, no longer living with the constant brain fog and lethargy.”

According to their release, Polaris’ remaining summer European tour dates were canceled last week “due to a serious personal crisis in our family.” Siew had a deep love for his followers, the band said in a statement on Tuesday.

“He was also greatly adored and admired by many,” they continued. “Ryan, you will always be loved and missed, and we will never be able to take your place in our lives.”

The guitarist joined the group in 2013 at the age of 15. On Tuesday night, condolences to the musician flooded social media. “I will always be inspired by your riffs, especially the ones that tap. Truly one of the best modern metalcore guitarists,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Ryan O’Leary, the bassist for Fit For a King, stated: “Although I haven’t toured with Ryan, I’ve heard some incredible stories over the years.”

“I’m hoping his friends, family, and bandmates will be alright.”Polaris received a nomination for Best Hard Rock Album at the Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards in 2017 following the release of their debut album The Mortal Coil. They released The Death of Me, their second album, in 2020.

The band performs metalcore, a form of rock distinguished by its pulsating, rhythmic breakdowns, and fusing of heavy metal with hardcore punk. Polaris plays the genre, which has recently acquired prominence in the underground music scene, in a highly tidy, modern style.