Natural fruits and vegetables should be consumed because they are nutritious, but you may not be aware that they shouldn’t be combined. Take tomatoes and cucumbers as examples.

Cucumbers and tomatoes are both beneficial to our health. They both include abundant water, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But you shouldn’t use both of them at once! Before choosing an ingredient for a salad, we should be aware of that ingredient’s precise digestion time, according to Ayurveda.

Combining vegetables that digest more quickly with vegetables that digest more slowly is not a good idea since the lighter ingredient will pass through the colon just as the first one is finished digesting. This will cause food to ferment in the stomach, potentially contaminating the rest of the body.

Furthermore, it will prevent the fermentation and digestion of sugars and starches, preventing you from enjoying your meal to the fullest. Gases, bloating, and stomach pain brought on by the fermentation process can only make matters worse.

It would be best never to try other food combinations besides tomatoes and cucumbers. Let’s examine this:

Fruits after a meal: Because they take so long to digest, fruits shouldn’t be kept in the stomach for too long. You run a higher risk of developing acid reflux and other digestive problems if you eat them right after a meal.

Meat and cheese: Limit the amount of protein you eat each meal to one type.

The combination of macaroni and cheese (and macaroni and meat) should be avoided since it contains a lot of carbohydrates, which digests more slowly than protein and can lead to fermentation and other digestive issues.

Combining cheese and vegetables makes you more likely to experience bloating.

Orange juice with bread or noodles may damage the enzyme that breaks down starch due to the acid level required to digest the juice.

Melon and watermelon should not be eaten with other fruits; they should only be eaten on their own.

Milk and bananas are known to cause sluggish digestion.

Although fruits and yogurt are a popular breakfast pairing, they slow down digestion and damage the intestinal flora.