The Power of a Little Girl’s Request

Elliot Costello encountered a remarkable little girl named Thea during his travels in Cambodia. This seemingly chance meeting had a profound impact on him, leading him to launch a movement to combat sexual abuse of children.

Thea, who had her nails painted every day, once asked Elliot to paint one of his nails while they were chatting. He happily obliged, unaware of the significance behind her request. Later, it was revealed that Thea had experienced sexual assault.

“As she painted my nail, I promised her that I would keep it that way to remember her, and to bear witness to her pain,” Elliot shared.

The Birth of the #PolishedMan Movement

Motivated by Thea’s story, Elliot embarked on a mission to change attitudes among men, ultimately aiming to reduce the number of children who suffer from sexual abuse. This led to the creation of the #PolishedMan movement, where men paint one of their nails to symbolize the one in five children who will experience sexual assault.

The primary goal of Polished Man is to end sexual violence against children. By participating in the movement, men commit to challenging and addressing violent behaviors and language, both locally and globally.

According to Elliot, men are responsible for 96% of child abuse cases worldwide. To put an end to this epidemic of abuse, men must take the lead in driving change and reform.

Sparking Dialogue and Inspiring Action

The painted nail serves as a conversation starter, encouraging discussions about the prevalence of child abuse. It aims to inspire fresh strategies for prevention and serve as a visual reminder of the urgent need to protect vulnerable children.

In addition to raising awareness, Elliot also encourages people to make donations to support educational programs and resources for child survivors of abuse.

Join the Movement, Make a Difference

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Remember, a single painted nail has the power to make a significant impact in the lives of countless children. Together, we can create a world where every child is safe and protected.