It’s simple to brush off yet another issue in the frenetic world of modern living, when obligations and bills pile up. However, there is a very important safety caution that you need to be aware of.

Its neglect could have negative effects. Call 911 immediately if you ever see a plastic bottle wedged between your automobile tire and the vehicle’s chassis.

Auto thieves now have a new and efficient technique thanks to carjackers. A possible auto thief may be nearby, keeping an eye on you and your vehicle if you see a water bottle on your tire.

The earliest mention of this ploy came from Limpopo, South Africa, but it swiftly traveled worldwide and is now effectively utilized in the United States.

The con’s breakdown is as follows: A water bottle will be propped up against one of the car’s wheels by a carjacker as a sort of “sign.” They deliberately place it on the front passenger-side wheel to ensure that the driver won’t see it when getting into the car.

A crushing sound is made by the empty plastic bottle as soon as the motorist starts to drive. The driver is generally alarmed by this and stops to see what they could have struck.

The auto thief seizes this opportunity. The owner will be stranded and agitated if the driver negligently leaves the keys in the ignition while the engine is running, and the thief can get in and drive off.

Alternatively, the burglar may take any expensive objects the reckless driver had dropped, including wallets or cell phones. The moment the motorist leaves the car to look for the noise’s source, they endanger themselves.

Before entering your vehicle, take a brief moment to check your wheels. Look for any signs of irregularity. If you find a water bottle stuck between your car’s tire and the frame, remain cautious.

A would-be thief might be observing you. Silently dial 911 on your phone and inform the authorities about your circumstances, expressing your worry for your security. Give them your location and specific details about your car.

Maintain alertness and ensure your safety in an increasingly intricate world.