The movies we watch as children have meanings that are very different from what was intended. Our inexperienced minds are unable to comprehend what we are witnessing. So we concentrate on the aspects that we do understand.

One film has recently been re-released. “The Blue Lagoon” was one of the most popular movies of its time, but if you watched it as a child, you might not have understood everything going on because you were too focused on the characters’ fun and freedom. Here are some of the reasons:

Richard and Emmeline are related!

Richard and Emmeline are the main characters in The Blue Lagoon. Their ship sank during a storm, leaving them stranded on an island. They grew up young with no knowledge of life and no adult to guide them through the inevitable puberty.

Their hormones naturally kicked in at a certain age, and the two fell in love. Furthermore, they became romantically involved and had a child together. The problem is that they had no idea what they were doing the entire time, which is generally frowned upon by society.

There’s a lot to be afraid of in The Blue Lagoon!

The film is a visual feast for the young and wild at heart. Kids who enjoy exploring unknown lands or becoming lost in the jungle on a deserted island will enjoy this film immensely. What they may not realize are the numerous dangers that Richard and Emmeline face daily. The Blue Lagoon isn’t just for the sun and sea.

It was a dangerous place to be, especially for two young children with no one to defend them. Richard and Emmeline were constantly in danger of eating the wrong berries, becoming injured, or becoming ill. Emmeline even stood on a stone fish and nearly drowned.

Then there were the natives on the other side of the island, as if things couldn’t get any worse for them. The kids had grown up fearing the sound of their drums, and one scene confirmed their fears. Human sacrifices appeared to be practiced by the natives.

Brooke Shields was a teenager!

Brooke Shields played Emmeline’s younger self in The Blue Lagoon. Brooke was only 14 years old when the film was made. That meant she had only recently begun adolescence.

This is not her first adult-oriented film; in “Pretty Baby,” she played a sex worker. The Blue Lagoon’s creators, however, did not want to attract the negative press that Pretty Baby did, so they had to preserve Brooke’s dignity.

Brooke filed as Emmeline while wearing a wig. The wig had extremely long and lusciously thick locks. Brooke is topless for most of the film, so the wardrobe department has to devise a solution. So they glued two pasties to each of her breasts and glued the wig to that to keep her covered.

They would prefer not to be rescued.

Richard spends the majority of The Blue Lagoon tending to the beacon. He built it to set fire to as a signal to passing ships. Emmeline once decided not to light the beacon, which enraged Richard. However, another ship later passed by the island and did not light it. The mutual decision was made so that they could live their lives in peace. Finally, they were afraid of what they didn’t know.